10 Most Viral Funny Videos That Would Make You Laugh

10 Most Viral Funny Videos That Would Make You Laugh

There are several videos which are viral on the internet and they have broken various records and have achieved the target of most viral videos. Some of them have been mentioned as:

1. Chewbacca lady:

This includes a lady who wears a star wars mask and she had gone viral.She had shared a live video on the social media platforms and became viral.The video is of 4 minutes and had gone viral as everyone saw it.The video was watched millions of times by the people online.

2. Chocolate rain:

The video includes a person standing against a mike and he is singing the songs where the rain is made of the chocolate. The text adds humour to the video and makes the whole things hilarious and people have enjoyed a lot.

3. Lazy Sunday:

This is the most viral video of students singing rap who are going to have the most boring Sunday. This was made on a Saturday night in the year 2005 and people have enjoyed a lot and this is one of the most hilarious video online.

4. Rick astley never gonna give you:

This includes a prank by a prankster who asks people to click on a link and when the person clicks on a link the pop up is opened which is a song called never gonna give you. This is also the most hilarious video of all times.

5. David after dentist:

This is a video of kids who are drunk but this is considered to be ethically wrong. This video includes a guy named David who is a boy who is drunken hops up to gasses of dentist when he pulls his tooth.

6. Evolution of dance:

This is the video of the guy who is a stand-up comedian who got viral throughout the internet. The guy takes live audience through evolution of dance through time. There are emotions of the people which can’t be explained through the text.

7. Star wars kid:

This is a video of a very fat guy who is filmed himself as the character of the star wars. The video is too good but makes one feel bad after it’s over.

8. Leave Britney alone:

This video includes a lady who is divorced. Britney’s fan took internet as a medium to be used to spread the message to leave Britney alone.

9. Antonie Dodson:

This is a viral video of interview of a person with home evasion. This video was insane and was not viral, and he went to iconic merchandise and even pop songs.

10. Numanuma

This is one of the best lip dubs. The overweight celebrity taped himself singing a song. The combination of singing and expressions makes this best. Many people have tried to imitate this but original is original.

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