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5 Conditions That Can Be Caused by the Wrong Footwear

We all want to be fashionable and look our best but did you know that the footwear that you are wearing could lead to a medical condition? Unfortunately, this is very true and we will be taking you through some of these conditions that could have been avoided by simply wearing better-fitting footwear.

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While your high heels or other tight-fitting shoes may get others talking, wearing them might be causing your feet to develop one of the following conditions:

Ingrown Toenails

Shoes that put a lot of downward pressure on the top of your feet can be a big cause of ingrown toenails. This condition can be very painful and can actually get worse as sometimes fungal infections can develop. Ingrown toenails are where the nails on your toes start to grow into the skin.

Try to wear loose-fitting shoes that do not apply much pressure to the top of the feet and also make sure that your nails are clipped regularly.

Bunions (Hallux Valgus)

One of the most common conditions that can be caused by wearing the wrong footwear is bunions. Shoes such as high-heels that force the big toe to be pushed outwards are one of the biggest causes of this foot deformity. People that suffer from uncomfortable and sometimes painful bunions will have lumps at the base of their big toe due to wearing ill-fitting shoes for too long.

Other than surgical corrections, sufferers can make use of silicone concealers such as the correttoreallucevalgo.

Athlete’s Foot

Despite the name, athlete’s foot is not only a condition that is suffered by athletes. When footwear is too tight and the feet get sweaty, this creates a playground for infections. One of the most common is an athlete’s foot that can cause scaling and flaking of the skin in areas between the toes.

This condition is treatable but it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for those that have to deal with it.


Corns may not be as serious as some of the other conditions listed here but they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. These are created when wearing shoes that are not the best fit for your feet. The friction that is caused by tight-fitting areas will lead to your skin hardening as a form of defence.

This can sometimes be painful so if you wanted o to prevent them, make sure that you wear shoes that fit the contours of your feet perfectly.


By taking just a few steps, you can help to prevent the development of the above conditions. Primarily, you should be wearing the right kind of footwear and ensuring that you take good care of your feet in the process. While there are some great treatments such as Footfix for some of them, others will take a lot more work to be cured and could affect your comfort levels for some time to come.

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