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5 Powerful Instagram Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Business

Instagram has grown into one of the largest and most dominant social media platforms in the world with an ever growing user base.

The image sharing service is very popular among the younger generation and its large number of subscribers has forced businesses of all sorts to invest in having a strong presence on the platform.

The distinctive image- based character of the network has necessitated the development of unique Instagram marketing strategies that will help in improving the productivity of an enterprise.

Let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Use Hashtags To Improve Brand Visibility

Hashtags make the content discoverable by helping it place in front of users when they search for the related keyword.

Creating specific tags for a brand using the most appropriate keywords related to the industry apart from using terms that describe it the best will help in improving the visibility.

The use of a chosen hashtag can be incentive’s for increasing the number of followers which will be beneficial in raising awareness about the product and building a user base that is ripe for conversion.

Mindlessly attaching the most popular tags will not give the desired results and the strategy must be a mixture of using the top ranked generic terms along with not so well known but highly relevant tags, which will attract serious customers to the account.

Researching the trending tags of the competitors and the top influences of the business domain and the engagement they generate among visitors will give an idea about the kind of words needed to use for the promotion of the product.

Use as many hashtags you want to but take care that each one is either trending or related to the service being promoted.

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2. Increase User Engagement With Stories

The feature of Instagram Stories offered by the social network lets marketers increase the level of engagement with the consumers to a higher level.

There is an option to add interactive polls which can be extremely beneficial for not only improving the involvement of users but also in getting valuable feedback.

Another advantage for business account subscribers is that they can add clickable links to stories which can be useful in directing guests to specific pages related to the posted content.

It will be a sensible decision to hire WordPress theme developers for creating dedicated landing pages with suitable call to action buttons so that the directed traffic can be converted into users.

Live streaming can also be used for providing guidance on using the product or any other related aspect for which people keep searching for helpful tips.

This will raise the credibility of the account and also help in building up the image of the company.

This feature is also great for improving the visibility of the product as well as the Instagram account as a story remains on top of the followers’ feed for 24 hours.

3. Leverage The Instagram Profile

One of the powerful Instagram marketing strategies can be to exploit the profile for effective communication of the branding strategy and improving the recognition of the product.

The photograph chosen to be displayed in the profile must be either of the product or the logo of the company and if you desire to place any other image, ensure that it reflects the character of the brand.

The slogan associated with the company must also be a part of the bio apart from the email id and the location if the business operates locally. 

The facility to add a link is available and again placing one to a landing page with proper call to action buttons will be of immense value.

Use the space to effectively describe the organization so that it leaves a good impression on any visitor compelling him/her to take a look at the posts.

Add keyword and hashtags that you want to be associated with the product and also provide a call to action related to any ongoing promotional campaign.

4. Schedule Posts For Maximum Impact

The number of posts uploaded in a day and their timing is a vital factor that can affect the performance of the account.

Let’s say, if the target audience resides in another time zone while the account is being handled from a different one, then posting while the potential customer is sleeping will be detrimental and therefore scheduling of posts according to the audience’s comfort is mandatory.

The frequency of posts is a debatable point and there is no specific formula for what works best. Understanding the needs of the followers and then deciding upon a frequency which can be increased during promotional events like flash sales and contests will always be fruitful.

There are scheduling tools like WordPress plugins which make the job very easy and a lot of website owners use services like PSD to WordPress conversion to migrate from other platforms and take advantage of these tools.

5. Plan An Appealing Content Strategy

The success of the whole marketing campaign ultimately rests on the quality of the content being posted and its ability to interest a visitor in the product.

It is very easy to get caught in the trap of continuously posting similar visuals which may lead to stagnation of the campaign.

Uploading product images is fine but uploading products in a user environment with actual customers or tutorials explaining how to use them more effectively can increase the involvement of followers.

The engagement levels depend upon the quality of the content rather than the number of times they are uploaded in a day and therefore employing professionals for designing the content will be beneficial.


The image sharing network presents immense possibilities to a business owner for promotion of a product but requires methods that are tailor made for the platform and these above mentioned Instagram marketing strategies are ideal for devising a blueprint for the purpose.

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