Awesome Balloon Backdrops

6 Awesome Balloon Backdrops to Use in Event Decoration!

Thinking of celebration and not including balloon leaves your celebration incomplete. Balloon is such a decorative prop that makes the decor of a party half done with its presence. There are certain patterns of balloon decor in accordance to the party hall. But even if you scatter the balloons on the floor, they make a great decoration. Such a useful prop is so easy to find and also in very affordable price.

Here are a few best party backdrop ideas with nothing but just balloons.

  • Create an Arc of a Colorful Balloon on the Stage

Colorful Balloon on the Stage

 Arc is always a great idea of decoration for any party. Nothing is more welcoming than an arc of balloons. Be it a theme party or a normal one, balloon arcs are always a hit. We select the stage in any occasion, attached to the wall. That wall with balloons can be a very good decoration. Make a balloon arc with as many balloons as possible to give the perfect backdrop of the stage. If you have any party theme, then a single color balloon arc will go well. Or else, you can choose colorful balloons to give the party a fun touch.

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  • Use Glowing Stick

Balloons are such a unique prop that you can use it as creative lighting as well. All you need is to have transparent balloons and glow sticks. First inflate the balloons with normal air. Then before tying up, put the glow sticks inside. Then hang the balloons in a false wall with the balloons. It can be a decent decor for the party entrance. People will feel fascination at the very entrance of your party. Such creative welcome will enhance their thrill and interest of your party. Balloons to use as lights are different. They are available in balloon delivery online sites.

  • Bunch of Balloons

Bunch of Balloons

Balloon bouquets are very common and affordable ways of decorating events. Balloon bouquets are preferable in many places. At the back of the chairs and helium balloons as centerpiece will be good for unique decor. You can put colorful balloons as a bunch. Or, there are bouquets of same color balloons. Usually the latter one is preferable for theme parties. There is another way of putting bunch of balloons. You can attach a small bunch of balloons with the return gifts as well.

  • Fill Confetti’s inside the Balloons

Filling balloons with confetti is perfect for the wedding and birthday celebrations. The main decor with confetti balloons is a very funny one. A big balloon filled with confetti is to tie at the top of the center table. Center table is where you put the cake upon. The birthday cake and the wedding cake you put upon the table under the confetti filled balloon. When you cut the cake, people will wish you. That was the perfect moment to pop the balloon up. The glitter and the confetti falling from above will create an amazing photo back drop.

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  • Hanging Balloons

 Balloons provide the best view while they are hanging from the wall in an airy room. Sticking tri color or bi-color balloons on the side walls is a good way of decorating rooms. But one unique way of balloon decor is to create a false ceiling of balloons. There are silver helium balloons available in balloon delivery Houston sites. You can hang cluster of balloons from the ceiling. Or the better one is to hang the balloons with keeping space between them.

  • Balloon Arch at Center

Balloon Arch at Center

Balloon arch in the center is a good way of attracting the attention of the guests. A balloon arch at the center of the hall will make the appearance of the room very interesting. If there are kids in the party, this will be a perfect place to play. As the arc is at the center, it has to be strong enough. So, more number of balloons is preferable to keep the arc stand.

Balloon should always be at the top of the decor list. Even if you are tight at budget and can’t spend money on decor, balloons compensate in the most useful manner. Above are the best ways to create balloon backdrop for any event decor.

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