AMAZON FBA best practices 👍 Million Dollar Case Study | Jungle Scout I Session 9

so everybody was here thanks so much welcome to the million dollar case study session 9 so I’m filling in for Gregg some of you might know me I’ve been on here before I’m again and I’m from the marketing team at jungle scout and today is a super special day because we have Joel lens from the biz dev team of Amazon so today Joel’s going to share some best practices and tips to level up your Amazon game and I’ve already learned a lot just by speaking with him yeah I started Amazon last year in 2016 so relatively new to the company but you know this place is growing and changing and adapting on a daily basis really and so there’s ton to learn here and stuff that may have been relevant even you know a few weeks ago may have certain nuances to it so obviously take everything here today with a grain of salt knowing that it could change next week but at the same time you know I think there’s some good kind of tips and tricks and if nothing else some good verbage that everyone on the call can pick up on and at least do some further research on or reach out to me after the webinar and you know deep dive a little bit further so basically you know my background I was in sales for about eight years after I graduated from college worked in another fortune 500 company for the last five and a half years prior to Amazon got my masters in business from University of Washington and just super excited to be here kind of entrepreneur at heart myself kind of dabbled with selling a little bit it’s kind of hard not to when you’re in this environment as far as selling on Amazon goes and that’s definitely a passion of mine to kind of take that further as time progresses so obviously my name is Joel Lenz I’m in the business development account management department here at Amazon just real quick you know it’s kind of a well-kept secret our what our group does here all of the you know the the ways that sellers can get signed up for Amazon is meant to be self service just like it is for the customer who’s purchasing on Amazon at the same time you know our role is to help bring on brand-new sellers to the amazon marketplace really for two reasons one is to ensure that we have have a depth of product that products that are already listed on Amazon so that we don’t run out of stock one way we do that is we engage with manufacturers wholesalers as well as many resellers just to make sure that we don’t run out of stock and then the second reason is really to make sure we have a breadth of product and that we’re constantly trying to bring on new products to the to the marketplace and that’s where I kind of see potentially a lot of those those of you on the phone kind of coming into play here is that you know you may be a brand owner you may be inventing something you may be sourcing something from a different country that we’ve never had listed before and so that’s why I’m kind of excited to see where some of these discussions lead first eight or nine slides here I’ll kind of go through quickly you guys don’t need to be sold on the power of Amazon but really the company’s mission statement is to be earth’s most customer centric company we’re all about the customer it’s our number one leadership principle and so if you run into frustrations as a seller it’s probably because we’re focused on the customer more than we’re focused on you as a seller so just keep that in mind if you always keep the customers viewpoint before yours as a seller you’re going to understand kind of the reasoning for a lot of the things we do here what’s our secret I just said it start with the customer and work backwards and that’s straight from Jeff Bezos our CEO as of last year Amazon was the most trusted brand buy rated by both the Harris Poll as well as reputation Institute we have worldwide over 300 million active customers so active customers somebody who’s made a purchase in the last 30 days and specific to the US market over 183 million unique visitors per month which you can see is substantial amount more than the competition I like to show this this is kind of like a cocktail napkin version of how you know Jeff Bezos and the leadership team came up with what they call the flywheel I like to put it up here just to show you that sellers have always been a huge part of the plan to grow the business it hasn’t always been just Amazon as the seller of record but actually bringing on third-party sellers like you guys to ensure that again that depth and breadth of selection is always there so just so you know how important third-party sellers are as again this is a year old statistic but 50% of the total units sold on Amazon were from third-party sellers not from Amazon as the merchant of record and that was last year and that’s growing so one of the first things that basically today to kind of give you an overview kind of step back a second I want to cover a few basic details and concepts like the bye box which I’m going to share on the screen but really my goal is to share with you guys kind of what the top four five best practices are for having a successful launch and doing very well on Amazon some of them aren’t very profound but if you don’t understand why they’re so important you might not take advantage of from the get-go so a few of those are going to be sponsored products which is like our Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising campaign I have four or five slides to go through on that another one if you’re a brand owner if you’re going to be bringing new content new selection to the marketplace it’s going to be registering as a brand owner um along with that once you’re a registered brand owner you can apply for a plus content and that means you can have additional pictures additional verbage on your listing page so that customers who may not be as familiar with your product or your brand can get a more detailed view of what all about and how it’s different from the competition um thirdly I’m going to explain in depth why FBA or fulfillment by Amazon is so important and then there’s a couple other items that I’ll touch on as well so what I wanted to kind of describe here we refer to the buy box as this yellow button up in the right-hand corner that says Add to Cart you’re probably all familiar with that button what you may not realize is when you click that Add to Cart button or your customer clicks that Add to Cart button there’s a seller on the back end whether that’s Amazon or a third party seller that just made a sale and the way that’s determined is by an algorithm that looks at not only price but customer reviews um order defect rate that the seller has so you want to have an low order defect rate which means you’re shipping on time your shipping quality products you’re not getting customer complaints and a number and a few other factors it looks at as well but the way to be eligible for the buy box um there’s a couple ways number one is using FBA fulfillment by Amazon once your product is in our warehouse it qualifies for prime shipping and that qualifies you for the buy box another way is to be a brand owner if you’re a brand owner and you’re working with an Account Manager I can actually apply for early buy box eligibility which means you get added to that potentially rotating list of peak of sellers who win the buy box from day one so those are the two most important things or two easiest ways to qualify for the buy box obviously you have to have competitive pricing as well but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the lowest price as you can see in the bottom right hand corner there there are other sellers on Amazon selling this piece of equipment and some of them have lower prices there’s one listed there for $63.99 um they may be in the buy box rotation but they’re not winning the buy box at this given moment in time one of the reasons for that may be because they’re charging shipping that’s going to be the primary kind of recommendations is whether you’re shipping from your warehouse or retail facility or your garage or whether you have your product in FBA you’re not going to want to sharp be charging for shipping because so many customers are looking for that free shipping even if you have to roll the shipping into the pricier product it’s going to make more sales that way so this is kind of a screenshot of that on that bottom right hand corner in the last screen if you were to click on see what other sellers see the other sellers that are selling this product this isn’t the exact same product but this would be the screen that if you it would look like if you clicked on what other sellers are selling it as you can see these are all the sellers who are winning the buy box and it’s a rotation so at any given moment if you click on a product and hit Add to Cart you know the top seller here all about office might make that sale the next time somebody clicks that product GRT group might make that sale you can see Amazon as the seller the third one down there they’re not even the ones currently winning the buy box so you know we don’t give our own inventory any preferential treatment it gets such it gets goes through the same algorithm as every third party seller so I’m going to jump into one of the keys to success here which is sponsored products and again that’s our pay-per-click advertising if you’ve ever used Google Adwords and try to do that pay-per-click marketing campaigns for products within Google or other marketplaces this is this is our version of it basically you’re going to choose your own keywords or you’re also going to use a combination of Amazon suggested keywords um excuse me we call that automatic targeting and that’s going to be based on the keywords and the product on the group the general category that your product is listed under um within your campaign that you set up you’re going to decide what your limits are both your pay-per-click limit and your daily limits when you when your campaign or when your when you win a certain appearance on one of these detailed pages depending on how much you’ve bid and how where you’ve placed in the ranking of winning that advertisement your ad could be placed on the top of the page could be placed within kind of the middle of the listings that pull up on the front page or it could be alongside the right side if you notice next time you do an Amazon search a lot of customers don’t even realize if there’s ads on the screen that sellers have paid for because they’re so relevant and we’ve actually done tests with test groups of customers that are searching for certain products and not only do they not realize that there’s ads in the search results they actually prefer having them there because they’re so relevant if your sponsored product listing pulls up it’s basically just looks like your listing and it’s just a sponsored product right under the title if a customer clicks on that you’re going to pay for that click we’re also going to calculate though if that click turns into a sale we’re going to calculate your a cost or average cost of sale and that’s going to be something you can monitor on a daily or weekly basis take that data and figure out what the what the best keywords are if there’s certain keywords that you’re getting a lot of clicks on but no sales you can use that as a negative keyword and actually filter out if people are searching for that keyword so that your sponsored product doesn’t pull up on the page so that you’re not paying for a bunch of clicks that that don’t end up in sales so the picture didn’t pull up on here but basically sponsored products is powerful because it enables you as a potentially new brand or a new seller to get your products pulled up on the front page as you can see from the statistic if only 30 percent of Amazon Chopper are clicking past the first page that means 70% are either they found what they wanted on the first page or they’re typing in a new search because they didn’t find it on that first page so here’s some of the reasons why you should do it discoverability increase sales relevance program transparency some pretty obvious things there but these are some things that cause your your product or your brand to build momentum and there’s an exponential effect from this you know once you make a sale and you get a good review that gets factored into by box eligibility which is important one of the little known facts which will get which we’ll get to here and some of the factor fiction items is that your sponsored products campaigns don’t actually go live they’re not viewable until you’re winning the buy box so it’s super important that’s why I explain the bot by box upfront that you either have your products in FBA fulfillment by Amazon or your brand owner and you qualify for it up front so these are some of the optimization tips there’s really you know I I can kind of help on the surface level initially with getting some of these things set up we can set up the automatic campaign for you guys when you launch as a new seller but a lot of it’s just really it’s kind of trial and error you know you’ve got to pay attention to what’s working and what’s not and make some adjustments and create some manual campaigns we do have a group though that is called a optimization sponsored projects sponsored products optimization group that you can sign up for basically it’s an eight-week commitment with at least twenty-five dollars per day so it’s a fifteen hundred dollar commitment over two months but they’re basically looking at your account every day and creating you campaigns which they then email to you and you activate and basically their goal is to get your a cost or your average cost of sale down as close to 10% as possible so basically your B they want the the amount of money that you’re paying and sponsored products to come out to 10% of what your revenue is which is actually pretty low most sellers when they set these up on their own they’re between kind of the twenty to forty percent range so they’re actually paying twenty to forty percent of the average cost in order to make a sale which is pretty that’s pretty high so obviously the goal is to spend less and make more hey Joel is there a resource or do some guide to just get a rule of thumb of what a cost-per-click might be for a given category or subcategory there so when when you set up a campaign based on the keywords in the category it actually tells you within seller central within your portal exactly what the average winning cost per click is so you can you can click match match the winning bid basically or you can actually set it up to outbid the average winning bid within your campaign so I mean on the on the automatic campaigns that we set up use either set up for five to ten cents per click with a $5 day maximum per campaign and you there’s usually one to three automated campaigns so it’s basically up to $15 a day and when you sign up when you sign up through a link that I can send you to be your account manager we actually give you $50 up front to kind of experiment with so that usually lasts two to four weeks depending on you know how successful the campaigns are but and while we’re on the topic can you just tell us again the name of that service that’s a fifteen hundred dollar commitment and how people can learn more yeah sponsored products I will note here that there’s some requirements for it so I’ll just go through this is what it is it’s an eight-week sponsored press P stands for sponsored product optimization support it’s for sellers that my team have on-boarded or the SSR stands for self-service registration if you’ve registered on your on your own already you may qualify for it if you’re a top seller but it’s a pretty high bar believe it’s about 10 million Everage and 10 million dollars per year or you’re on track to to sell 10 million dollars per year to qualify for it so it really is kind of an exclusive program that you can only apply for if you have an account manager like myself so here’s some of the requirements the direct sales seller that’s basically somebody that I onboard with in 2017 I have to agree to the minimum eight weeks agree to $25 a day usually the goal is that 10% average cost of sale like I mentioned and also once you get the email from the team who’s doing these optimization studies you need to implement those changes within 48 hours because that allows them to study those changes and iterate as necessary here’s some fact or fiction items regarding sponsored products so real quick since I can’t hear you I’ll I’ll guess for you sponsored products ads only show when you’re winning the buy box I already told you guys out when the answer is true the fact attributed sales show up same day in your campaign manager so what that’s what that’s saying there is that your average cost of sale is up to date like minute by minute which is not true it does take up to 24 hours for sales to be attributed to the cost of click-throughs sponsored products only for brand owners not true sponsored products can be set up and used by anyone don’t have to have an account manager you don’t have to be a brand owner it could be any seller however does that mean you would be paying for clicks to a listing yet you wouldn’t have the buy box you’ll be helping somebody else sell a product know if you’ve got it so it’s a good question if you’ve got a sponsored product campaign set up and you’ve got money that you’re ready and willing to spend it’s actually not going to take effect and you’re not even going to be bidding against other sellers for those keywords unless you’ve already won the pie box for that product or brand that you’re that you’re bidding on nice so yeah we’ll go into effect until you’ve got the buy box okay and so if getting the buy box is also part of a rotation does is there any correlation between your PPC spend and getting the buy box like are you more likely to get the buy box if you’re spending more ad dollars yeah once you’ve earned the buy box um yeah it does feed on each other so once you’ve earned the buy box and you’ve got sponsored product campaigns going you’re more likely to win the buy box a higher percentage of the time I’ll say you know as a brand owner if you’re bringing a brand new product to the market and nobody’s ever listed on Amazon as long as you go through the brand registry which enables me to get you early buy box eligibility you’re going to win the buy box 100% of the time because you’re the only one selling that product you know that’s the positive side of it the negative side is nobody might you know consumers might not be searching for your product so that’s where the sponsored products becomes so important because you can plug it you can bid on competitors brand names you can bid on certain category types you can bid on certain keywords that you know are going to be relevant for your product pull up on that front page and that’s where you know having already won the buy box is a huge benefit as a brand owner because then your sponsored products become effective immediately alright so um just a real quick kind of from a high level when you list a product on the Amazon it can be it’s going to ask for the condition type majority of items are going to be new if you’re like me probably the only thing that you’ve ever purchased that wasn’t new off of Amazon was a book so it’s a little known fact that if it is in a like new or used or refurbished condition you cannot use sponsor products for those items sponsor products is only applicable to new items alright so a little transition here as I mentioned and as most of you are probably aware you’ve got some different options for how to get your product from wherever it’s located to the customer who’s purchased it we refer to a MFN as merchant fulfilled network and that’s where your shipping from your warehouse your retail facility your manufacturing plant wherever it may be your shipping direct to the consumer and Amazon is not touching that product that is a not the best way to start out as a seller the best way is to start with FBA fulfillment by Amazon and again as I mentioned FBA is important because when your products are in our warehouses they qualify for that Prime badge so if you’re a Prime member you know what that is if you’re not a prime number I’ll explain real quick the Prime badge is that a little HTML logo that says Prime on a listing that indicates that that product gets it you get two free two-day shipping if you purchase it and we’re able to offer that because of our discounted rates for shipping as well as the fact that we charge customers $100 a year to be in the prime to be a prime member so when you as a 3rd party seller send your product in to us you get the advantage of discounted shipping rates and the advantage of having us pick pack ship and handle customer support as well as returns and fraud protection on your behalf and that all comes at a very minimal cost which I can get into a little bit later but I’ll tell you 60% of searches on Amazon today are done with a prime filter on the search that means if your product doesn’t have a Prime badge on it 60% of customers aren’t going to see it because they’re searching for products with that free two-day shipping logo so that’s huge you know you cut out the majority of our marketplace if you don’t have the Prime badge real quick I’ll touch on seller fulfill Prime it is something that you can qualify for as a seller if you meet the qualifications usually it takes anywhere from three to six months to qualify for that it’s an extremely high bar that we’ve set to both earn the right to have a prime badge on product that you’re shipping and to keep that privilege and have that so if it’s something that if it’s a product that for whatever reason it doesn’t make sense maybe it’s cost prohibitive or or whatever to send an FBA so a fulfilled prime is there but it takes some time to earn that privilege this is kind of an overview page but I’m going to go into depth a little bit more on a couple of these items so really your keys to success as a seller are these five items number one is to use FBA because that’s what qualifies you for the for the buy box the last one listed here which I spent a good majority of time on is to utilize sponsored products especially as a brand owner once you’ve earned the buy box you’ve got to get exposure to your product by advertising so that you can get customer use those customer views again feed into winning the buy box a higher percentage of the time obviously if somebody has a great experience with your product they’re going to tell other people about it you know they’re going to send them a link and you’re going to make more sales a couple of things it’s really going to be important for you guys in order to you get that early buy box eligibility is if you’re a brand owner you have to register to be a brand owner and for some of you if you’ve already applied on Amazon to be a seller you’ve already got an account and that was within the last couple weeks you may have been frustrated because you weren’t able to apply for brand registry the reason for that is from April 10th through the end of April the brand registry is closed they’re basically revamping the system they’re going to open it back up the first week of May so that you can self register for brand ownership again one of the big changes though and it’s a huge loop or it’s a huge hurdle to overcome if you haven’t already done this is that they’re now going to require that you have a trademark on your brand so you can’t just send a picture in with the name on it up you know a picture of your product and/or packaging with your name on it which is basically all it entailed before now you actually have to show the up trademark so there’s a there’s going to be a much higher bar to meet to to prove that your brand owner from here on out once you are approved as a brand owner that’s where you’re going to be that’s where if you have an account manager like myself I’m going to be able to apply for the early buy box eligibility but then you’re also going to want to go through and apply for enhance brand content and that’s where you get additional pictures that you can put on your listings and additional verbage that you can spell out you know why your product is so great so really both of those things are you’re able to do on your own through seller central which is our portal that you’ll have access to once you sign up and then another thing to really consider depending on you know whether you have downstream channels like other online marketplaces or other retail kind of brick-and-mortar shops that you’re planning to sell in if you don’t have a network or a system like that set up one thing to look at is called Amazon exclusives it’s basically really powerful because you can add video content if you pay to be a part of animal Amazon exclusives you can add video content to your listings they will run additional advertisements on your behalf at no expense to you they will also feature your product on the exclusive exclusives page which is one of our most visited pages on Amazon so it’s really a way for for folks who don’t have brick-and-mortar set up they don’t have a downline distribution set up with you know retailers and distributors and things like that to gain to basically go on Amazon exclusively you can only basic one of the terms is you can only sell on your own website and on Amazon for if you’re a part of the Amazon exclusives but it really just mat it maximizes your exposure on our marketplace and there’s a tremendous there’s I mean there’s literally like five times more tools available to you if you’re part of that exclusives program as there is to those people who are not are those sellers who are not a part of that so the next page here I’ll get into some of the costs and you know what I’m doing real quick yeah sorry to interrupt can we just go back for one second um regarding trademark we do have some questions about that so when you say trademark does it mean it has to be a fully registered trademark or just like a pending registration for the trademark suffice that’s a good question I don’t I don’t know the answer to that um it may be that if it’s pending that might be enough to to prove that your you’re going through the process I don’t know that I’d even be able to find the answer honestly until the new program is rolled out in May but yeah some to look out for obviously if you’ve got a trademark this isn’t going to impact you at all but if you don’t have one it’s definitely something to start looking into right now okay great thank you yep all right so what is it all cost it’s really easy to find this if you if you click on become a seller in Amazon but if you haven’t done that yet or you weren’t sure you were you know they’re confused on what the costs are what the differences are with individual account versus a professional merchant account I’m going to I’m going to dispel all the myths right here so there’s basically choose two ways to sign up for to be an Amazon third-party merchant to sell on Amazon or as we we call it to sell through Amazon not to Amazon you can sell you can sign up as an individual contributor or individual seller rather and that means that you are you don’t have a monthly fee all you do is you pay whatever the revenue share percentages in addition to that you pay one dollar flat fee per item that you sell so you compare that to a professional merchant account which does cost $39 $39 per month what it does is it provides access to an additional about seven or eight categories that you don’t have access to as an individual seller also has some reporting tools and then obviously if you sign up with my help through a registration link that I send you you get my account management support which lasts through the calendar year so obviously if you’re planning to do a high-volume amount of business ie 40 units or more per month or if that’s a goal of yours it’s a no-brainer to go with a professional merchant account just from it strictly from a numbers standpoint you’re going to save money by doing it that way the Amazon revenue sharing regardless of whether you’re an individual seller or your professional merchants it doesn’t change the revenue sharing percentage of the same and it’s dependent on the category that your product falls into so to kind of give you a sample I mean the 6% range it really only applies to the personal computer or PC category everything else is probably is going to be between 8 to 15 percent so you know consumer electronics is 8% cell phones cell phone devices cameras they’re all going to be 8% range things like office products or musical instruments are going to be at 15% and just to clarify here too you may have noticed all the all the categories that I just mentioned there are consumer electronics categories that’s the that’s the general category that I manage but I sit on a floor with 150 account managers for every product category that there is so it’s not hard to find the link within Amazon that spells out exactly what percentage that you’d be paying for or for whatever category that your product fall in and if you do contact me after this I’d be happy to point you in the right direction if your product is not fall in that Consumer Electronics category as far as the services and solutions go mention FBA this the cost you’re going to pay for FDA are so minimal um I hesitate to even mention that there’s a cost I mean you basically get a 50 to 80 percent discount on shipping your product to us and when we pick pack and ship it on your behalf the fees are so minimal it’s it really it’s it barely touches your bottom line I’ll just put it that way for what you’re getting the additional 60 percent exposure for the additional Prime badge and the additional freedom to not have to ship stuff every day yourself the cost is so minimal but we do have if if you look on you can just google FBA revenue calculator I believe that’s something you can pull up even if you don’t already have an account and you can plug in any products you want there and figure out what exactly what the cost would be then I mentioned exclusives exclusives as well that’s the program where we you’re limited to only selling your product on your website and our website but you get all the extra tool was an exposure as well as video content and free advertising that is an extra five percent added to whatever revenue sharing percentage you fall under so if you’re if you’re selling musical instruments and you’re in that fifteen percent range then and you decide you want to be part of exclusives it’s going to be additional five percent so the total would be twenty percent and finally there’s no extra fees for using account managers like myself I’m a non-commissioned sales person directly employed by Amazon all right so my contact information here is at the bottom left plenty of time for questions um basically uh you know you may be wondering do I qualify and let me I just want to spell out real clearly who it is that I’m looking to help and really work with for the calendar year the first and foremost I’m only allowed to work with new sellers um that’s sellers who don’t already have an account that’s had a first viable offer so first viable offer means you’ve put a product in your inventory and you’ve listed it as a live product even if you haven’t made a sale yet if that product has gone live on the website and it’s discoverable I’m not allowed to work with you because you’ve already figured it out on yourself figured it out for yourself so I am limited as well to working with about 80 to 100 sellers this year and so it’s kind of first-come first-served basis so probably most of the account managers here um won’t be able to accept any new sellers to help after probably the July to August timeframe from then on out we basically just help with account management running you know deals and sponsored products and some of the other levers within the amazon portal to make sure that the sellers that we’ve on-boarded in the first half of the year are as successful as possible um so yeah if you are interested if you haven’t already signed up for an account definitely shoot me an email let me know what your question is what your timeframe is for getting started I can point you in the right direction as far as the right account representative for the category that you’re in and they email there’s best way to reach me yeah sure thanks so much well that was super helpful and interesting a lot of these kind of like lesser-known programs so is there any recourse for people who are currently selling to get some kind of account management because we do have a fair number of people who are currently selling you know there’s it’s it’s hard it’s hard to say no but there’s really only one exception to to the just this flat-out no answer if if a seller is already on Amazon and they have access to refurbished or open box or out of stock items there is a kind of a loophole within the system where you can have a secondary account which I could then help with the account management on if you qualify for what we call our certified refurbished program it’s really it’s an invitation-only program again it’s a very high bar is set for the sellers that you let into that program you basically you’d have to have at least 400 units sold in the last 90 days and be able to show that you’ve got at least $50,000 in inventory of certified refurbished or grade-a refurbished products so there’s very few sellers that qualify for that especially if you’re a brand owner and you’re just looking to kind of start out bill your build your brand so there’s really if you’ve already signed up for an account and already listed a product there’s really not much I can much further I can help you with I mean I really can’t even answer emails if you’re in that category just because I’m strictly measured on brand new accounts that I help on to the to the marketplace sure makes sense now how about people who might want to circumvent like back and forth with Amazon support not quite getting the answer they want or maybe a listing is made inactive do you have any workarounds or hacks to expedite that process you know it’s again it’s not it may not be the most profound thing but also it might not be the most intuitive thing if somebody has a merchant account already so they’ve got access to seller central which is our internal portal really the best way I would say 80 to 90 percent of your issues or your questions can be found if you use that search bar on the search button in the top right hand corner of your seller central account um it’s just it’s very self service oriented if you have a question about any of the terms that I spoke about today you’re going to be able to find a video or two or three videos and a PDF and a you know a couple other resources to help you kind of deep dive how do I do this or where do I apply or what’s the best practice for this it’s all in seller central so um you know it’s I’ll be the first to admit our seller support department isn’t always a super responsive I mean that’s a pain point that we’ve had as we grow and scale our business and obviously have you know millions of sellers that are selling to hundreds of millions of people but I would say you know majority of the issues and problems that you’re trying to solve or questions that you have you’re going to find them faster if you just do if you’re willing to just put in that 30 to 60 minutes of like determined effort within seller central and dig for what you’re looking for you’re going to find the answer and it’s probably going to be a better answer or a more satisfying answer than what you get from seller support so I think simply gonna be quicker sure so I mean we have her in the chat that there something exists even if it does cost you to get a helper with an Amazon to aid your problems but from what I’m hearing from you it doesn’t exist and it’s really kind of like a seller central support issue yeah alright so there was can you also clarify as well regarding the brand registry I think you said this and I just want to confirm from you if you already had your brand registered you do not need to get it trademarked you’re grandfathered in yeah that’s that’s correct yep any if you’ve already got your brand registered you know prior to April 10th you’re your grandfather did okay great so yeah just a note to those people who are maybe having issues with Amazon or getting a product delisted or any variety of things we do have the Amazon FBA competitive edge our Facebook group it is super active and a bunch of collaborative and supportive sellers so you can pop your question in there my short circuit some of the time you you might spend digging through the forums and threads so just go to Facebook Amazon FBA competitive edge it is a private group so we’ll approve you and that might help on any any word that you can share as far as Amazon opening additional distribution centers um yeah so one thing I didn’t really get into details on for FBA fulfillment by Amazon is that when you set up your first FBA shipment or any FBA shipment for that matter you’re not going to know where that is going until you get to the very end of the shipment set up what it’s going to salt I’ll say first of all it could be anywhere from one fulfillment center that you’re required to send your products to up to three fulfillment centers and what it’s going to depend on is partly how your product is packaged so if you’ve got a bunch of individual packaged items all put in one box I you’re more likely to only have to send those to one location whereas if you’ve got you know 60 products and they’re in three different boxes you’re probably going to have to send them to three different locations so you it’s pretty rare that you are fortunate enough to mail your FBA shipment to the closest fulfillment center to you really that fulfillment centers have almost nothing to do the locations of them have nothing to do where you’re with where you’re going to end up how to ship your product again it’s based on an algorithm that’s going to determine based on both the quantity of what you’re sending in as well as the category that you’re sending in and where it’s most likely to be sold in the country if that’s what’s it’s going to be determined by that and usually I would say the majority of the time even when you if you’re let’s say you send twenty items to one fulfillment center as soon as those get received in only ten of them might stay there and then they’re going to reroute the other ten to two or three other facilities um so it’s I don’t know if that answers the question I don’t have insight as to where the fulfillment centers are growing up but I think maybe the root of the question was or is there going to be one built near me so I don’t have to ship my stuff as far and it really has no even if they built one in your back yard they might ask you to send it to the opposite end of the country sure sure Thanks so here’s a question I have seen this numerous times interested to hear your take so if it’s a lot of our audience our private label sellers so there should only be one seller on the listing however they might not have the by box any best practices or solutions to address this so the scenario is they’re the only ones with the product but they don’t have the by box yet yeah correct I guess it’s somebody call it like a listening being hijacked so there so there’s other sellers selling the same product that are winning the buy box yeah exactly um yeah it’s a very scenario specific but if it if it looks like it is a fraudulent seller that is hijacking that listing the best thing to do is do a test buy from that seller and verify whether it’s an authentic product or not if you do a test buy and you report an inauthentic product to Amazon especially if you’re brand registered that’s going to get looked at immediately if you’re the registered brand owner even if you’re not the registered brand owner I would say that’s the fastest way to fix fraud is to do a test buy but that the test by I mean that obviously it that doesn’t happen overnight you’ve got to wait for them to ship it to you and then you’ve most most of the time you’ve got to ship that into Amazon to prove that it’s a fraudulent product another way is just to see if there’s any illegal listing features on that on that a fraudulent listing such as one of the things that’s a big no-no is redirecting so if if the listing if is one of the bullet points or somewhere in the listing says if you need more info or for specific shipping information please contact you know XYZ at you know people aren’t sellers aren’t allowed to redirect to other websites or email addresses or phone numbers within the listing so if you can see that you can report a listing right on the listing I mean you can there should be a spot within every listing where you can report um inaccurate or inauthentic information within a listing sure um so we have time for just a few more questions before we wrap up but I think the program that somebody was referring to earlier Sally as the inside management program which is a strategic account management program do you know anything about that yeah so it’s a strategic Account Manager um generally again don’t quote me on this because this may have changed since last year but uh strategic account managers are assigned generally to accounts that are selling um between 20 to 30 million a year um so again that is one way for you for a seller to get an account representative if they didn’t have one when they initially signed up but you’re going to need to show that you’re selling that type of volume you know basically one to one and a half million a month might qualify you for that for having an insight account manager like that you know I would say if you don’t already have an account or you’ve signed up for an account but you haven’t listed yet feel free to email me and I’ll help you figure out point in the right direction and if you know if you think you need the additional support I’d be happy to help otherwise you know I would just I would encourage everybody to really you know be proactive about figuring out and solving for things that you’ve either heard about it you want to learn more about if you can’t find it on seller central um you know like Ken said there’s probably a Facebook page or a support website or you know even a forum within jungle Scout that has the answer so you know don’t don’t don’t call Amazon seller support and expect as good a customer service as you would if you’re a customer buying a product that’s my it’s my final advice sure sure um thanks so much that was those fantastic you’ll really appreciate it and everybody who is joined as well that concludes section nine of the million dollar key study so thanks for being here next week we will have a lawyer so we’ve had a lawyer before but this is going to be a different type of lawyer to focus on legal structure and taxes so being real important as far as like covering the topics of what type of company formation you want what taxes you’re liable for a whole bunch of other we did see a preview of what he was talking about and it will be really helpful so we will send reminders for that until then email us any questions you have supported jocose Capcom really appreciate you guys being here and can’t wait to see you guys next week hi thanks Ken thanks everybody thanks a lot Jewell

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