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Are You the Right Candidate for Vaser Liposuction?

Vaser liposuction is a surgical procedure that changes body shapes and contours through the removal of fat deposits. The term “vaser” is an acronym for “Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.” This specialized ultrasound advancement breaks down fat cells by emitting ultrasonic waves. Once the fat cells are broken, the surgeon removes excess by suctioning, which is the liposuction part of the surgery. Using ultrasound provides more benefits than using traditional liposuction steps in Thailand.

The Procedure Does Not Eliminate Visceral Fat

Because vaser liposuction in Thailand is only cosmetic, it will not eliminate visceral fat, which is the fat that wraps around the body’s organs and leads to various diseases. These diseases may include cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. When this process is used to remove excess fat, it proves successful for both men and women. You are also the right candidate for the procedure if you are willing to do the following:

  • Lose weight and maintain your target weight while practicing a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t make a commitment to eating healthy and exercising, you will not retain the desired results after the procedure.
  • Maintain a fit skin tone.

Who Benefits the Most From the Surgery?

This procedure is especially desirable for people in Thailand who wish to eliminate those hard-to-lose stubborn inches around their waist, hips, or thighs. The surgery also benefits people who wish to tighten the skin that now sags after natural weight loss. In some instances, people who have not lost weight but instead want to add some definition may realize success after the procedure.

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When You Should Not Consider Vaser Liposuction

You should not consider this form of liposuction in Thailand if you are not healthy or have problems with conditions such as cardiac arrhythmias. You have a higher risk of surgical complications if this is the case. People with a history of pulmonary emboli or blood clots on the lung or who have immunodeficiency disorders should reconsider having the surgery. Also, if you suffer from deep vein thrombosis (DVT), you should veer away from this type of procedure.

Not a Proven Cure for Obesity

Remember that vaser liposuction has not been proven to cure obesity. A patient will be sorely disappointed if he or she expects that this type of surgery will remove a large amount of fat and keep it off permanently. Also, anyone whose skin is not supple or elastic should avoid the surgery. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind a slightly wrinkled appearance, you may not mind having the surgery done. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you need to wait before you can proceed with the process.

Be Prepared to Pay for the Procedure

Now that you know something about the surgery, think it over carefully. You also need to be prepared to make a financial commitment. During your appointment, address any concerns to the doctor. Tell him or her where you need the surgery and what you hope to achieve. Always inform the doctor about the medications that you are currently taking.

For most patients, the skin tends to feel tighter after the surgery. You should see some results after about six weeks. However, the best results are seen several months after the surgery. During the interim, the body is healing and results are therefore not immediately visible.

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