Best Travel Destinations For 2020

When it comes to planning a holiday trip, there is something much for Indians to look for. From the beautiful beaches to shopping, from quietude to amazing and thrilling adventures, from food to a buzzing nightlife, all were found at the single place at the least possible prices. Whether you were looking for a solo trip, family trip, or a friend’s trip, etc. These places have some special charm that makes you fall in love with these places. So, plan now for your next trip and get your arik air reservations in advance to avoid a higher rate on last-minutes deals. Book now and get ready to explore these places on your own.


For those of us who need everything pressed in one breathtaking occasion, Singapore is the spot. Brilliantly kept up, this city-nation will fascinate you with its grandiose and tricky structures, flourishing nightlife, huge and tranquil seashores, colorful characteristic living space, and a multicultural legacy. Along these lines, it must be the first on the rundown for offering incredible incentives for cash and appreciating phenomenal availability from India.


An ideal case of how East meets West and makes an awe-inspiring combination; Dubai is developing as a well-known occasion goal among Indians. Reasons, you inquire? The nation takes in extravagance and shopping is a lifestyle here. With desert safaris and ice-parks existing next to each other, you can well envision that anything is possible here!  

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building on the planet (at 828.9 meters) and an image of Dubai’s unparalleled tasteful and design skill, stands to confirm the equivalent.

A shopaholic’s heaven, Dubai must be in your movement list of things to get in light of the fact that beginning on January third, the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival will offer mind-blowing arrangements, lotteries, and prizes.


On the off chance that laying back and getting a charge out of the wonders of nature is your method of holidaying, Maldives is the place you should be. Lounge under the sun for quite a long time, swim, give shot watersports like scuba plunging, and investigate the lovely submerged natural surroundings decorated with vivid coral reefs. Very well known particularly with honeymooners, Maldives appreciates travelers throughout the entire year and the other way around.


Release the sentimental, audacious, and masterful side of your character, at the same time and give up to the spirit of Spain. In the place that is known for Rafael Nadal, Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz, prepare for some special encounters.

Go and throw tomatoes at one another at the La Tomatino Festival, witness Running of the Bulls, hit the shining seashores, hurry up to Flamenco beats, investigate the unassuming communities and ports, and experience what Spain is extremely about! What’s more, find direct how Spaniards satisfy their notoriety of being classy, foodies, and life-cherishing. Treat yourself to a redid Spanish occasion and you will express gratitude toward yourself for a lifetime.

New Zealand

A nation of two islands in the Pacific, New Zealand is about colorful normal, and man-made wonders. Be it confronting a blizzard at the International Antarctic Center in Christchurch or flying in the air stream at Agrodome.

New Zealand has probably the most one of a kind experience sports on the planet. At the thermal reserve, you can watch regular boiling water fountains and mud volcanoes percolating perseveringly. In Auckland, spot whales and dolphins in their common natural surroundings and make some occasion memories at the submerged parks.

A trip to Waite will take you to the universe of intriguing submerged lakes lit uniquely by glowworms! Magnificent is the word as you’ll pant in astonishment. In the event that you are down for some genuine experience, New Zealand is calling.

Last words

Hopefully, you were like this article. Alk the information above I mentioned will help to make your trip quite memorable. So, get inspired and triggered yourself to explore these places? Just get your bookings now by dialing avianca airlines contact number and get an instant booking. Find offers and all the solutions for your travel needs. So, don’t wait and get ready to visit these places for a perfect trip this year.

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