Can I Tap the Calls by Using the Phone Spy Software?

A lot of people have been facing issues because of the increased use of the cellphone. Some people are using the wrong means to damage other people’s reputation, whereas the others are still trying to save their Grace by making sure that there is nothing left to damage their reputation. With the increase of digitization, some people started using the technology for the betterment of their businesses. Still, there are some parts of technology that spike the predators and help them with the Evil game plans.

Parents have been using several mobile phone spying and tracking applications to ensure that their kids are safe. There is a new feature that is call tapping feature in most of the cellphone recording and tracking applications that enable parents to listen to the conversation and intervene whenever needed.

Let us talk about the phone call recording and tapping feature of mobile phone tracking applications.

Live phone call recording feature

This live phone call recording feature enables the parents to record and listen to the phone calls remotely by using the control panel. And not only will you listen to one side of the story, but you can also listen to the conversation on both sides. The phone call recording application is a great feature that enables you to live record the phone calls. You can easily listen to the conversation that your kids are having and see what the mischief is about. The phone call recording application comes with three different features. Let us talk about them.

Listening to the phone call

You can listen to the phone call using the mobile Spy application. The live listening feature will provide you to listen to the conversation only, and you can listen to both sides of the conversation, including the recipient and the speaker. Listen to the conversation will enable you to know what that conversation is about, and you can then plan for later according to the conversation.

Recording the phone call

You can also record the live phone call. You will have the feature of recording the phone call in your control panel of the Spy application. From there, you can record phone calls and listen to it later. It will also provide you with evidence that you can keep and listen when needed. This recording will also be available in the control panel from where you can access the recorded phone call. This record of a phone call will not only contain one side of the phone call, but you can easily listen to the complete conversation. The phone call recording feature of the spying application is an excellent advantage for the parents and employers. Also, you can listen and record remotely without the need to be around the targeted device or anywhere close to it.

Tapping on the phone call

Tapping in the phone call is not the most appreciated feature on the aspect of any phone call recording application. But if needed, you can intervene in the phone call using the tapping application of many of the monitoring and tracking software. With the tapping feature, you can intervene in the phone call if needed. You can clear the doubts and the queries and talk to both the parties on the phone call. The tapping feature can also work amazingly if there is something important and needs a third person consideration.

Does TheOneSpy application provide all these features?

TheOneSpy application is an application that comes with all the three features, which include call recording, call listening, and call tapping. You can listen and record the call using the control panel of the TOS application. The easy access is available through the tracking application that you can use remotely on any of the targeted devices.


The call tapping is not the best approach if you are trying to collect evidence and keep an eye on your kids, your employers. But it can still be used if it is essential. The main motto to use the tracking and spying application is to protect your kids and ensure that your employers are right on work and not leaking any information.




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