Different Kurta's

Different Kurta’s You Need To Complete Your Wardrobe

An Indian woman’s wardrobe is practically incomplete without a kurta. Even though there may be different kurtas that are available, something that is common among all is being comfortable. The range is endless and no matter how you like styling it,you’ll always find one perfect kurta.

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This love for Kurtas have made the retailers flood the market with beautiful kurtas. A wide variety at economical prices are also available online, therefore you could buy kurta set online too. Different types of kurtas that are available are:

  1. Kaftan kurta: This type of kurta takes its inspiration from the middle east.The main characteristics of this are a loose fit, tightened belt that comes around waist area and a wide flaring arm. Kaftan could be short or long, which depends upon ones personal taste.
  2. An Angrakha Kurta:An angrakha style kurta was originally worn by men of Rajasthan, recently has it made its way to the women’s wardrobe. The angrakha style looks best with a traditional looking block-print designing. Some things just look best with hints of heritage and tradition in them. If you are a woman with a thin and a petite structure, this is definitely a pick.
  3. Classic Anarkali Kurta: The Anarkali style of kurta requires no introduction to indian women.Being worn at big wedding and also for very casual lunch dates with friends, in fact, this could also be worn as a dress. This kurta style suits all the body types which makes this style of kurta set for ladies, extremely versatile.
  4. The Tail Cut Kurta: This style of kurta is one of the best ways to you can amp up your kurta game. They are short in front and long at the back. The quirkier the style the better they look. This sort of kurta is a great pick for all your casual occasions.
  5. The Very own denim Kurta: The denim style kurta is mostly known as a shirt style kurta. It would be safe to say that the style of kurta has been inspired from the very own denim shirt, and so the similarity. The denim kurta looks good when it is worn to your workplace and even to a casual date to the mall. Made to a mid-thigh length, this would suit people with a toned and a slimmer lower body.
  6. The double-layered Kurta: A very small and tiny change in this style is an additional layer that could be below the hemline or a completely new layer could be added on the top of it. The aesthetics and looks of this double-layered kurta usually depend on the cut and styling of your kurta.
  7. Jacket Style: This style of kurta is the best possible way to dress up your outfit. Good thing about it is that it can bestyled in ways to create Indian, western and also indo-western looks. This kurta is a great pick for the pear shaped body and can be worn with jeans, palazzos, lehengas, crop tops, etc.

So, the next time you go out shopping for kurtas you know which is the best suited kurta for your body type.

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