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Scalp related problems are common for the majority of us. Sometimes, it becomes harder for us to miss on the visible white flakes. Although it seems a common condition, treating dandruff is quite troublesome.

When our skin suffers either from dryness or excessive grease; it results in the production of white flaky skin to develop on the scalp. Dandruff is more prominent amongst children in the age group of 10 to 12 years. However, 40 percent of dandruff cases are reported in adults above 30 years.

What causes dandruff?

Skin follows natural wear and tear mechanism during which it undergoes a shedding process for dry and dead skin cells. When you face a rapid shedding process than usual, you are likely to suffer from dandruff. This is due to the clogging activity of cells triggered by the oil secreted by hair follicles. On account of this activity, all your dead cells club with each other and increase their prominence in the form of white flakes.

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Excessive dryness, loss of moisture, medication, changing dietary and water intake habits and an unbalanced diet are common causes of dandruff and related skin disorders. Medically, seborrheic dermatitis and eczema are responsible for the onset of dandruff.

When you take a dig into the microbial analysis of your scalp, there are cases where dandruff is caused majorly by a yeast-like fungus. The overgrowth of these yeast cells is caused by excessive stress, hormones, rubbing extra oil on the scalp, or immune problems.

How does it proceed ahead towards complication?

When seborrheic dermatitis is the underlying reason for your dry scalp or dandruff associated problems, symptoms are gradual in appearance. In turn, your scalp may show excessive dryness or greasiness and may turn out to be red causing inflammation. The death of unwanted and dry skin cells contributes to yellow flakes. In case your seborrheic dermatitis is worsening without notifying you, it may exhibit similar symptoms in other parts of the body too.

How to control your dandruff as soon as it sends you an alarming sign?

There are many home remedies or natural ways to control your dandruff. Yet, dandruff shampoo is the best of all. However, your dandruff control formulation must be loaded with heaps of anti-microbial benefits to treat your dandruff by attacking its roots cause. In addition to managing your hair with such shampoos, you must ensure that you feed yourself on a balanced diet.

Finding an excellent anti-dandruff shampoo is a bit tricky task for many of us.

Here is quick to reference guide for buying your perfect anti-dandruff assistance:

Best shampoos for dandruff control are blessed with an auto ability for performing the following tasks:

  • They help in removing dandruff and flaky skin cells.
  • They add on the additional nutritional requirements essential for your scalp health.

Removal of dandruff

The basic requirement of a dandruff control shampoo is to remove all the dead skin cells and hidden white flakes from your scalp. Almost every shampoo available in the market is capable of eliminating dandruff from your scalp. What makes your dandruff shampoo stand different is their way of nourishing your scalp with essential oils. As they provide extra nourishment to your scalp, it retains a necessary level of moisture. Due to this, natural oils secreted by your hair glands won’t be producing any form of flakes as soon as it comes in contact with pollutants.

Additional nutritional requirements

As soon as your shampoo wipes off the dead skin layers, it is essential for it to add on some nutrition to it in a balanced ratio. These nutrients are absorbed by your hair follicles to facilitate their growth cycle.

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