Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill

How Frequently Should You Carry Out Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill?

This is one of the key asked queries by homeowners. It is a good question since apart from knowing why you need duct cleaning Richmond Hill, you should know how often you should do it. The number of times will depend on myriad factors which we are going to discuss here. For instance, such factors will include the furnace you use and the filters. Also bear in your mind that if you have a warranty for your ductwork, you must make sure that proper maintenance is adhered to since should the company know that there was ignorance in the maintenance of your ducts, they may render your warranty useless.

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In this article, we will also discuss the right time when you should consider duct cleaning. Most companies will tell you that you need to clean your ducts once or twice in a year which, in reality, doesn’t make sense as various things determine this. Before you complete reading this article, you will know when you should consider duct cleaning Richmond Hill and how often you should do it.

What To Inspect Before You Decide Cleaning Your Ducts.

Disposable Fibreglass Filters.

This is a common option for many homeowners simply because they are cheap to acquire. Again many homeowners are ignorant about changing your filters regularly since many think that the company just want to get money from them, which is not the case. Though cheaper compared to the other options, these filters are less effective. They are able to block large contaminants from getting into your furnace. However, if they may not be able to block smaller particles such as pollen grains. To make them effective, therefore, you should carry out duct cleaning Richmond Hill at least after one to two months.

Washable Electrostatic Filters.

They are somehow high quality compared to disposable filters. They use electrostatic charge that collects debris, dust, and other contaminants. However, though they attract all these particles, they don’t attract all of them. For instance, some mould, pollen grains, and dust may still find its way into your furnace. To make them last for the recommended lifespan of six months to a year, you should consider duct cleaning services at least once in a year.

Pleated Allergy Filters.

One thing that makes these plates unique is that they have additional pleats that enhance the surface for trapping dust, mould, allergens, and other contaminants. These filters also have higher lifespan than the other above discussed filters. They are also more efficient. For these filters, you should do duct cleaning Richmond Hill regularly, especially during the seasons when there is high pollen production or when you are mostly using your HVAC system to regulate your home temperatures.

When Is The Right Time To Do Duct Cleansing?

Various signs will tell you is the right time to do something with those air ducts. Here are some of those signs;

When You Are Expecting A Newborn Baby?

Are you expecting a new member of the family? Well, you should consider duct cleaning Richmond Hill before you welcome the new member. Small babies are quite vulnerable to pollutants since their lungs are just developing, and exposure to these contaminants could keep them constantly ill. However, that is not only the thing you should do. Consider also cleaning your carpets.

Moisture Problems.

Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill will come in handy if you have issues of wet ductwork. This could be caused by the growth of mould or mildew in the ductwork. When you see moisture in your ductwork, it makes sense to solve the issue first, and then prevent it from happening by disinfecting the area. Also, have the rest of the surfaces cleaned.

You Keep Pets In Your Home.

Do you keep pets in your home? If the answer is yes, then you don’t have an option but to arrange for air duct cleaning services at least once a year. The animal dander and the other contaminants usually find its way into your ductwork, and if not cleaned, they accumulate there for and block your air ducts. Cleaning them will make your HVAC system start operating normally and reduce energy bills in your home.

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