How important is Instagram Influencer Marketing to a successful Growth?

Social networks are part of our lives and among them, Instagram. It is not only a platform for sharing photos, but now it has been transformed into a professional network, a bridge between end users and brands. In addition, the network has also incorporated the purchase process into the app for e-commerce brands that allows users to buy without leaving the application. Since the emergence of Instagram in October 2010, this platform has done nothing but maintain an extraordinary growth rate. So much so that it has managed to position itself as one of the main social networks of the entire web.

With its more than 400 million active users per month (yes, more than Twitter), the question about Instagram is no longer about whether it is fad or if it came to stay, but how we can take advantage of this giant.

Among the main Instagram influencer marketing goals in the Instagram Influencer agency strategy are:

Boost online sales

The types of content published on Instagram are the most shared on social networks. In fact, according to a report, videos and photos are the publications that most interest people to share around the world.

In addition, with hashtags, companies gain in positioning efficiency, since if the labels are well used, they can place the companies in the audience’s eyes.

Increase store sales

According to a study, 93% of purchase decisions are based on visual appearance. Thus, Instagram is a perfect tool for companies to show their product or brand to potential customers.

Promote the company’s application

To promote the application of your company you can use different basic advertising formats offered by Instagram:

. Photo Ads Companies can tell stories and present their proposals through attractive photos. In this way, the target audience is impacted in a more original way.

. Video Ads Create video ads with the same image quality parameters as photo ads. These ads can last about 30 seconds in the landscape format.

. Carrousel Ads. It allows enriching the Photo Ads through the display of several photographs in the same ad, which the user can see by sliding his finger.

Increase brand awareness

Brands on Instagram almost always reach 100% of followers when companies publish an image, while with Facebook, brands can barely reach 6% of followers with each post.

As for interactions, with Instagram, companies can get about 58 times more interaction per follower than Facebook. Instagram also offers companies the best tools to develop the objectives of Branding (brand building), and also Performance or Performance. In this way, it is clear that with this social network companies can increase the visibility of their brand among followers.

Obviously, Instagram has a fundamental role in an Instagram Influencer agency strategy, and little by little they start to see the fruits of their investment.

When it comes to social networks, we never know when the rules of the game will change (for better or worse). For that reason, we must take advantage of the opportunities that arise at the right time they arise.

Instagram is currently one of those opportunities. Its reach, engagement, growth and popularity are characteristics that make it a gold mine for those who know how to take advantage of the circumstances.

Dhaval Jain Working with online services for the past 1 years. I love digital marketing and anything that start with ''online'' is a subject of study for me. I believe in hard work with smartness and being a successful person in life. In my daily routine my work is a game that I love to playing for day and night.

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