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How to Build Responsive Ads with HTML5

In the initial days of advertisement, advertiser use standard banner ads, as technology grow new & responsive html5 ads format are introduced. Revolutionized by programmatic technology that allows to effectively reach a large number of Internet users in real time, it is today more flexible and responsive than others ads.

Digital advertising is constantly reinventing itself and new formats are appearing regularly, especially on mobile and social networks to offer the best possible user experience to Internet users.

Nowadays, most advertisers use the HTML5 responsive ads for clientโ€™s campaigns.

When you developing your html5 ad, make sure ad is responsive, its work with mobile, Desktop & tablet devices.

The web traffic from mobile devices is growing, make sure images& brand message show properly on mobile devices.

Html5 Digital Banner Production gives you technology & flexibility for your brand.

The responsive html5 ad is more important today, it gives you beautiful images, videos, & interaction with the brand as compared to the standard banner which is based on gif & text.

HTML5 banner ad provide you different format, for designing your campaign. HTML5 ad gives you more reach ability & increase the brand recall.

Before HTML5 banner ads, it was very hard to run the campaign on different devices.

You have to develop a different banner ad for different devices, but due to HTML5 ads, you can run an ad on multiple devices at the same time.

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HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML5 is a responsive ad format.

It allows the user to design banner, that uses less power & minimum resources required to develop the banner.

HTML5 technology is compact able with different browser across different platform.

HTML5 ads allow marketers, publishers and advertisers to give a cost-effective solution to their customer.

HTML5 gives you the option to adjust the image, video, format the same way as any web page.

You can develop an HTML5 dynamic banner ad, which works fine on mobile.

Types of Banners Ad Design:

Manual Banner

You can develop the manual banner, but it required the code, Knowledge of HTML & CSS & designing technique is required.

Rich Media HTML5 Banner Ads

You can make the Rich Media Ads, different tools are available. You can develop the banner in just a few steps.

Your design looks beautiful & your message is visible in Rich Media banner.

When you are designing your HTML5 banner follow these steps:

  • What is your target audience?
  • What message do you want to deliver?
  • Banner ad size
  • Layout design
  • Height & Width of the ad

When you are designing the banner message & animations are clear & easy to read. You can set the time of your banner display.

Time will be from 5 seconds to 20 seconds, depending on your ad campaign.

You can use different tools to develop the banner ads. When you select the images, JPEG should be used in background & PNG for transparent.

Your image is clear, so the user can easily recall your brand.Clean & good design always work best.

HTML5 banner ad gives you the option to make different ad type. You can set multiple ads & when your campaign is running, you can show different ads to the different target audience on the basis of the age, gender, interest etc.

HTML5 gives you the option to develop rich media ad banner. Which are responsive & work on different devices.

You can make HTML5 video banner for your campaign& you can add call-to-action button.The HTML5 responsive ad gives you much flexibility, view ability for your digital advertising campaign.

Video Advertisement Gaining Momentum:

Video advertisement is benefiting from a very good return on investment, programmatic video should represent 54% of the sector’s revenue by 2020.

Video ads are a format that is particularly mobile-friendly. 2.7 million unique users per day that YouTube has in United States, more than half of these views come from mobile devices.

If you want to launch a video campaign on the web, keep in mind the variety of ad formats that you will be able to test.

The world of digital advertising is changing fast and I imagine that just like me, you cannot wait to discover and test the new digital advertising formats that will emerge in the coming months!

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