Information at fingertips with long code SMS

A Long code SMS is a ten-digit virtual mobile number for sending and receiving SMS and voice calls across the globe. These long code services are useful for businesses in a number of ways. Long code SMS is in use for alert notifications, offering relevant, target content, troubleshooting product or services, for collecting customer data, and two-way communication. Long code SMS service is cost-effective and accessible. They are beneficial as they assist you in connecting to organizations, businesses, and people.

Long code SMS working

Prior to starting for a voice call or SMS, the processing of the application is complete. The Long code SMS services possess specialized hosting and software facilities for long code applications. It is the state of the art technical long core expertise that offers techniques and best methods for elevating engagement. The service providers are best as they understand customers’ requirements and provide services such as SMS and call in one pack. A single virtual number is ample as it serves multiple needs.

Advantages of long code SMS

Long code SMS requires minimal setup time, where making calls and sending SMS from number is easy for customers as a single contact point is utilized. The best facet of long code SMS is that they work with a single communication channel and hence customers and businesses carry a seamless and personalized two-way communication. let’s run through a few advantages of long code SMS.

  • Prominent keywords are in use for long codes
  • They are easy and instant to set up and less expensive
  • They are set up in a way it matches the phone number
  • Being a two-way communication, customers have the facility to reply to the message received.

Long code services used by

The service is accessible and affordable globally. The end-user is able to send messages to the virtual number at a reasonable SMS charge. This service is best for businesses and organizations thinking not to charge their customers unnecessarily. This is a piece of closed group information for employees, customers, salesforce, dealers, vendors, service engineers, etc. for providing and fetching information. They are particularly for customer service information by airlines, banks, courier companies, etc.

Main applications and features of long code SMS

The key application of long code SMS is two-way communication, voting, multiple account management, chat services, surveys, promotions and polls, SMS to email applications, for promotional campaign, customer service communication as well as person to person communication.

The long code SMS is personal and never seems to look anonymous. The messages represent a personal and friendly face. Since its two-way, customers feel engaging and associating rather than being announced or informed.


Long code SMS service paves way for uninterrupted services without human intervention. They operate with an integrated platform for developing interactive platforms for sending, replying and monitoring sessions. They also possess state of the art API suites for integrating applications third-party tools. Long code SMS is always a smart way to grab customers’ attention and enhancing the chances of association.

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