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Make a Change by Downloading GB Whatsapp from 9Apps

9Apps has been earning the spot of the top unofficial application store for years because there is not any other application store available in the comparison of 9Apps. Every type of apps is present on 9Apps as the majority of the people use 9Apps for the most amazing games which are not available on the other application stores like Google play store, F-Droid, Aptoide or Yelp Store. Or if they are available then found to be paid. Thus, 9Apps is scoring at the top of all the application stores for providing the free applications for the Android users. Yes! It is true that iOS device users are always get deprived of having the facilities of the 9Apps because they cannot use it nor its applications are going to be run on iOS devices.

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9Apps for Doing Something Exceptional

Having 9Apps to be installed on your Android is all way beneficial for you because it bestows you with the kind of apps such as Vidmate, which are not going to be found on any other application store. I am 100% sure that you have been using Whatsapp for the time when you had bought your Smartphone. Whatsapp is the topmost using application which is used by over 1 billion people daily and you are one of them. But now, you are planning to do something exceptional so you are here for searching about the GB Whatsapp, which is also known as the best mod version of Whatsapp.

Some Amazing Features of GB Whatsapp 2019 that you can have Fun with:

  • The user is able to modify Whatsapp apk through several colored themes.
  • Now, the users have the chance of uploading the several stories per day at a time.
  • The facility of making own stickers and having group calls with different people and contact persons is available.
  • The limitation of sending 10 photos at a time has now increased up to 90 photos at a time.
  • The users are now able to modify chats, contacts and many other important things using GB Whatsapp.
  • The facility of changing the color of the Whatsapp icon has modified to totally change the icon which results in hiding the Whatsapp from the app drawer.
  • Now, you are able to hide the double tick, blue tick, and online statuses so that you can trick your friends.
  • Now people from any region and any mother tongue are able to use the Whatsapp because there are almost 100 and above languages are available in the GB Whatsapp for the better user experience.
  • If you are blocked by someone then now you can hide that block call from the person who has blocked you.

So, this is the best mod of Whatsapp that is available for the users and can be found on 9apps easily. And there are also many blogs are available online, which can tell you how to install GB Whatsapp to your Android Devices for the absolute experience.

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