One Score: The Best Credit Score App

Credit scores are a make or break situation for people who are planning to get a loan or start a line of credit. Most lenders look up credit scores to review the application and make sure if the person who is asking for a loan is creditworthy or not.

To get a loan you need to keep your credit score to a higher level and make sure that you maintain the score while also clearing up any debt that stacks up.

Here is a credit score app by the name One Score which is one of the best credit score apps available in the market.

The app is available for both android and iOS users on the play store and app store respectively.

Advantages and Disadvantages of One Score

FREE Credit Score

The app is completely free to use with no advertisements or spam and it gives you a complete analysis of the credit report and highlights the important parts.

Payment History

The app can also be used to check the complete credit card payment and loan history, which can really help to avoid delay in payment of dues.

Safe and Secure

The app is very secure and keeps the data and information completely safe. There is also no involvement of any third-party apps.

Although there are not many disadvantages to this app specifically, almost all the credit score apps are hackable and a free app such as One Score might be more susceptible to cyber-attacks which could lead to your information being distributed on the internet and in many cases results in identity theft.

Features of One Score

Smart Score Planner

The One Score app provides simulation on your credit score as well as advice on how to better the score with their inbuilt score improvement planner.

The planner provides smart insights which can be customized to monitor and grow your credit score.

Payments History

One of the biggest reasons for negation in credit score is delayed payments. The One Score app helps avoid this by providing a Payments History view option inside the application which can give you details of loan payments as well as a card.

The feature also provides both timely and delayed payment info.

Major Factors Affecting Your Credit Score

The app provides you with the option to check what is affecting your credit score and also how to manage these issues to improve your credit score and improve your creditworthiness and finances.


The One Score app is one of the best apps available in the market to check credit scores and also get insights on how to improve the scores as well as keep track of payments and loans. You can check up your CIBIL score online by searching “how to check CIBIL score” online.

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