Co-Living In Electronic City

PG Accommodation: Promoting Co-Living In Electronic City

PG accommodations are the best means of promoting co-living, significantly among young students and professionals. World Health Organization would have rented associate degree of housing to live alone. In a PG, they will share area and conjointly, instead of live alone. PG Provides affordable living. They also provide Multi-payment services. PG multi-Payment service could be a comprehensive payment platform that provides numerous online. Generally, in a PG, accommodation an individual is treated as a guest, however, it doesn’t mean that one ought not to procure the accommodation. It is known as PG, because it originally meant to stay at owner’s accommodation during which an area or some space is provided and also the owner should still board an equivalent house.

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Providing affordable living

The urban population is on a relentless rise across India. With several migrating to cities for higher academic and work opportunities, the need for rental properties increase day by day. PG accommodations as however, of promoting co-living, particularly among young students and office workers, who otherwise would have rented a housing to measure alone. In a PG accommodation, they can share space. Imagine the expenses, they will incur living in a rented apartment alone. This includes costs incurred for furnishing the apartment, hiring domestic help, maintaining the property, utility bills, and the rent they will be paying. All of this is going to cost more than 30 per cent of their monthly income is employed or a large part of the money they get from their home in case if there are students. At a PG accommodation, they don’t have to spend on all of this. They have to pay their monthly rent and spend on their groceries and other utilities, and the rest is taken care by the ones who run the accommodation.

Advantages of proximity

PG Near Electronic City is generally run keeping in mind the target audience. They will find them close to commercial hubs and educational institutions. This becomes an advantage for those who live in these accommodations. Proximity to their destination of work or education ensures that they are not spending much money or time on travelling. Moreover, most of the time, the localities these are placed in, supply a decent social, and civic infrastructure, too.

Personal development

Living with a group of people from different position of life, different states and different opinions gives a room to learn and develop themself. Mingling, having discussions and indulging in creative activities can help them have a good time after work or college.


Some of the best PG Near Electronic City ensure that they have a safe stay. Moreover, with several living in one place, the safety factor is reassured. In case of emergency, they are surrounded by people available to help. When a living accommodation are born-again into a PG accommodation, it should be considered as a commercial property. The homeowners are at the risk of pay the bills, and also the taxes, applicable at commercial rates. Check if appropriate security measures, like CCTV facility, are in place. This is particularly required once rental resolute females.

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