Stylish Short Haircuts

Pixie Cuts: Stylish Short Haircuts for Women Over 50 Who Want To Show Off Some Sass

Traditionally, women over 50 tend to shy away from bold and daring hairstyles and opt for a more conservative look. However, in recent years the trend has been more women of a certain age to embrace trendy short hairstyles and take on a sexy new style.

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Why Pixie Cuts Are Great Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

Pixie cuts are one of the hottest short hairstyles for women today, regardless of age! There is a trendy pixie cut for any age, hair texture and facial shape. Pixie cuts started becoming popular when Hollywood celebs opted for this short and sexy look and have recently come back into style.

Now that you are in the prime years of your life, you are probably dreading all of those times that you said 50 was old. 50 is the new 30 and with that comes the ability to rock a short pixie! Age is a just a number so why stick with the same boring hairstyle your grandmother wore so many years ago!

Short haircuts for women over 50 can be freeing! And the pixie cut has come a long way in recent years. From longer pixies to asymmetrical pixie cuts to pixies with faux hawks, there are so many ways to rock a pixie cut.

Why go short at all? And why a pixie? Both of these are good questions to ask. As you know, while long hair is quite attractive, it can also be a burden when it comes to styling. Arenโ€™t you tired of spending hours blow-drying and styling your hair? Why not chop it off and show off your newly found confidence with a sexy pixie cut?

We all know that as we age our hair tends to age as well. You may notice your hair is thinning or breaking easier than it used to. And it might not seem as thick or full as it once was. A short haircut is the perfect solution to thinning tresses. It can add new life to your hair and make you look and feel years younger!

Another reason to go for a pixie cut is that shorter hair is perfect for those hot summer days. You will feel so much cooler with your shorter locks. As well, you can show off your stylish earrings and play up your makeup to rock your new sassy short hairdo! And pixie cuts look great with a trendy hat or colorful headscarf!

Do you feel bold enough to rock one of these sexy short haircuts for women over 50? We think you have what it takes to pull off one of these sassy pixies so go ahead and make the move, call your hairstylist straight away!

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