Rent a car in Dhaka

Rent a car in Dhaka: If service counts, count on us

The taxi or the private car is an important vehicle of our daily life. At the time of emergency and fast transportation for us, the taxi is available to provide us with the transportation service. We are one of the leading providers of car rental services in Bangladesh and we offer professional car rental services in Bangladesh, from expensive to economic, whatever your requirement, we are here to help you. We provide the service of car rental in Dhaka regularly in swamp projects, embassies and large companies in Bangladesh. We offer an all-inclusive day rental service to travel within the city of Dhaka with an English speaking driver. Rent a car with us to travel within the city of Dhaka from your business and tourism requirements. If you plan to travel to Bangladesh, renting a car with a driver could be your best option to make the most of your time. You do not need the hassle of booking tickets and spending your valuable time waiting for the bus or train.

To rent a car from us to get the following benefits:

Reasonable price: We offer car rental service in Bangladesh at a reasonable price. Take a special discount when you book for at least a week or more.

Experienced driver: Never worry about road safety on the chaotic roads of Bangladesh. We will provide you with a trained driver who will drive safely. You can travel with tranquility.

English speaking driver: Never have problems with communication. Rent a car with an English speaking guide to travel within the city of Dhaka or anywhere in all of Bangladesh.

Online payment: You can pay us online without problems with any visa or master card on a secure website. There is no need to carry cash for the card rental service. We will send you a receipt of all your expenses for the rental of the card at the end of your service.

Swift Communication: Communication with us will be quick. We provide quick response from emails. You can also contact us through the application in any emergency while traveling.

Our vision is to become the number one choice for domestic and foreign travelers. The best thing about us is that you can enjoy car rental services of high quality, consistent, flexible and transparent that also without surprises or hidden costs. We offer car rental of various types: BMW, Mercedes, Hi-Ace, Noah, X-Corolla, G-Corolla every hour, day, month, and year for corporate and corporate clients and all types of vehicles available. We propose the most excellent service at a reasonable price. We organize tours of nature and wildlife, hiking and camping, cycling, bird watching, and tours of rivers and channels, especially monsoon when they are full of water and green, photography tours, tours of the city and many other tours in Bangladesh. We believe that we can help clients with the best means only if we are updated with the most recent trends.

Finally, I can say that it is the most overlooked country in the world and a hidden gem in South Asia that very few people know. Your incredible hospitable people are waiting for you to welcome you everywhere!

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