The Best Video Converting Software For Windows 7 That Is Not Complicated At This Year

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at all the notable new changes and improvements, good and bad. Besides all the advantages, a number of users have also commented that this application tends to slow down your computer.

  • The instructions are clear making it an easy application to use.
  • These so called ‘docklets’ give users an easy access to weather and time just to name a few.
  • Another feature that has garnered many fans is the additional widgets that come together with ObjectDock.
  • Besides that, users are also given the freedom to choose the number of items they want on the dock as well as where they want to position them.
  • Sizes, colors and style are also adjustable per the user the interest.

Microsoft has made some nice streamlining changes to the Swift Pair feature that was first introduced with Windows 10 version 1903 last year. Swift Pair lets you easily pair a supported Bluetooth peripheral with a single click, but the process itself was a little more involved than it needed to be. The user would hit connect on the popup, then the Settings app would open, and then the user would have to hit OK on another popup to confirm that pairing was successful. To begin, there’s a new option in the Accounts area that disables your Microsoft account password as a login method on the lock screen if you have Windows Hello set up.

There seems to be a possibility that when users install ObjectDock, they have also found unwanted adware and bugs. Due to this reason, users have also found this application not to be reliable and hard to uninstall. Several scans need to be done before all files connected to ObjectDock are removed. In a nutshell, this application receives more positive feedback. It is believed to be a good user desktop customization application with great user interface.

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This only works with dedicated GPUs that support WWDM 2.4 or higher, so if you don’t see your temperature inside Task Manager, that’s why. With Windows 10 version 2004, this process has been streamlined to just the initial popup asking the user to connect to the device. Once the user hits that, the notification will remain until pairing is complete, and that’s it. The user won’t be forced into the Settings app or asked to confirm once pairing is successful. This is a much better experience, but the problem with Swift Pair now is that it only supported a minimal set of Bluetooth devices.

Windows 10 offers many other power tools for enthusiasts—if you know where to find them. Others are relatively new, added during the twice-annual major upgrades Microsoft’s been pushing out since Windows 10 launched over five long years ago . But download VLC all 10 of these little-used tricks and tools can help hardened PC users save time or eliminate headaches. Task Manager is another area in the Windows 10 May 2020 Update that has seen a couple of notable new additions, one of which power users will find very useful. You can now see your GPU temperature in the performance tab when clicking on your GPU.

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Microsoft says doing this is more secure, as your Microsoft account password is universal across all of your Windows PCs and is, therefore, a weak point if your password is compromised. Windows Hello is specific to each device you set it up on, and isn’t something that can be "learned" by an attacker. On previous versions of Windows 10, if someone did get access to your Microsoft account password and PC, they could log in and get access to your data. Known as the May 2020 Update , this new version of Windows 10 is all about fit and finish. There’s not a whole lot new here in regards to features, but there are plenty of changes and enhancements to features that have already been part of the OS for some time.

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