The Journey of How Far a Wall Clock

From a Time Telling Device to a Home Decor Trend: The Journey of How Far a Wall Clock has Come

There was a time when wall clocks were only used for the intention of looking at a time every once in a while when you came in and out of a room.

It was a time when it was impossible to imagine a life without an Ajanta wall clock hanging on one of the most looked at or glanced through wall of the house. The time that has passed very far over since.

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What was once a necessity has today become a trend piece for the clock on your wall has been replaced by the device in your hand that has taken its place.

In this article, we are going to look at how wall clock has not just become a trend but will also look into the trendiest types that people are now getting inclined towards.

So, let us start with looking at the story of how wall clocks have become a fashion statement for a blank wall and is getting closer to being done with the purpose of showing the time it is and the time to come (pun intended).

It all started with people buying their first smartphone the very exact moment people laid their hands on a device that was meant to bring their entire life on their palms.

Lesser did we know that this magical device was designed to remove not just the mundane activities that the world performed, but also replace the one thing we had all come to rely on – wall clocks.

Without us even realizing the device that laid plastered in our hands become our go-to the source to show us the time.

Thus marking the beginning of the end of wall clocks.

Cut to now, the present time, wall clocks have seen a shift in its purpose. What was once the only source to know the time has now become a trend piece.

Today, the clock industry is coming up with designs and shapes to attract the buyers, in an attempt to keep the industry afloat.

Let us now look at type of wall clocks that today’s generation is now buying into.
Let us now look at type of wall clocks that today’s generation is now buying into.
Well, without any further delay let us get started with the present wall clock trends that are making homes trendy.

  1. Grandfather clock
    The age old clock type has made another entry into the world. People are now looking for grandfather clocks online to get their hands on the charm that once beautified a corner of their ancestral property.
    While the clock type cannot be categorized in the cost efficient option bracket, it is nonetheless seeing a high demand from people looking to give a classic vintage look to their houses.
  2. Cuckoo clock
    Remember how in the old bollywood movies there used to be a clock somewhere in the protagonist’s drawing room? The one which used to eject a cuckoo bird out every hour?
    Well, the Cuckoo bird clock, just like the grandfather clock, has made a new entry in the market with people searching for it on both internet and brick and mortar stores.
  3. Oversized and bold
    While the above two trends where about bringing vintage wall clocks back in trend, this one wall clock fashion element is about adding boldcolors and grandiose in a house. The trend follows people looking for wall clocks that are disproportionately big for their room’s wall size and belonging to a colour shade that is correctively vibrant and bright – specially in comparison to their wall colour, something which is in stark contrast.

Now that we have looked into how wall clock went on to shed its role from being a source of medium to tell the time and became a trending element and also at some of the trends the are being witnessed by the industry, it is time for you to join the trend. Find a wall clock that will make your home trendy only on, the trusted watch and clock buying store online.

Also let us know what you think about the journey that wall clocks have travelled in the comment section below.

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