Things to keep in mind while travelling on trains

Travelling by trains can offer a number of experiences both good and bad. The prospect of travelling in a train can be quite intimidating especially if you are traveling for the first-time. Most long-distance journeys last at least a night. So, basically spending nearly 24 hours in a long snake-like transport vehicle with a bunch of unknown people can make you uncomfortable. You will also find people sitting on your reserved seat in the daytime while the train crosses different states. This and also the idea of sharing the same toilet with a few hundred passengers can also be quite unnerving. But when it comes to train food parcel you can be sure to get your food in time.


While travelling by train there are a number of things that you should keep in mind. The first and foremost thing is finding your compartment on the train. Remember coolies can be of great help in this case. Wearing red shirts, they are very easy to spot. Simply, tell them the train number, coach number and they will direct you to the point where you have to wait for the train. But be sure to take the help of only registered coolies. This rule should be followed even while you ask them to carry your luggage. But always remember to bargain with them regarding the rate for carrying the luggage.


The toilets on the train are cleaned regularly but they are not unique to any particular sex. You will the “Indian” style and the “Western” as well. There are usually two at the end of each compartment so there are plenty of toilets available.


The journey on a train is marked by only eating, sleeping and staring out of the window at the scenic beauty. You can order online for train food parcel of your choice. Try out various kinds of cuisines including local and western. The food is delivered at your seat once you fill up the online form. You will need to mention the name of the train, coach and berth number for the delivery to be made properly. The payment can be done through any payment mode or even cash on delivery.

Take a nightlamp

If you are a bookworm then be ready to sleep early or still better take a flashlight which you can use to study at night. Most people go to bed by 9 pm on a train since there is not much to do. People also feel disturbed if you keep the light switched on even after everybody has gone to bed.

Charge your batteries

If you are using a laptop on the train or even a phone, do carry your chargers because everybody will be using the charging points present in the compartment. Sometimes, if a particular charging point is not working then you might find a queue of people waiting to get their phones charged.

Carry a sanitizer

While journeying to any place it is important to carry a sanitizer and use it before eating anything.

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