This Is Why You Need To Support UNICEF Right Now

The modern world changes quickly and technology has offered many people a chance to increase their wealth, but the simple truth is that millions of children are still living in poverty. It seems that despite decades of moving towards progressive social policies at government levels in many countries, we are now faced with growing wealth disparity and people in charge who would rather promote racism and bigotry. It is indeed a challenging world.

Why UNICEF Matters

Given that there seems to be a lack of action on the part of many governments to make a difference when it comes to decreasing poverty and raising children out of inequality, there’s a real role for UNICEF in Thailand.

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Thailand is a beautiful country and many people are benefiting from huge economic growth in recent years, but did you know that nearly 10% of the children are still living in poverty? In this day and age, that statistic really cannot stand and this is why UNICEF is still needed and is an important poverty charity in Thailand.

How Does UNICEF Help Those in Poverty?

Children really are our future, but how can any of us look forward to a brighter future when so many children are still living in poverty? They have little to no access to education, face a real threat of malnutrition and disease, and are at risk of neglect and abuse.

So, why should you support UNICEF as a charity in Thailand? Consider the following:

  • Helping to Improve Social Protections

As important as our children are, there are still inadequate social protections for them in Thailand. Policy needs to change and those in power need to know that if they don’t strengthen protections for children, then they are at risk of being abused, neglected, trafficked for money, and even killed.

  • Improving Health Policy and Access to Good Health

Poverty doesn’t just mean no food on the table; it also means an increased chance of developing disease. People who are living at or below the poverty level don’t have easy access to clinics and doctors. In fact, many children are facing a life of chronic disease as they battle Hepatitis and HIV infections. UNICEF aims to change all of that by not only promoting better access to health care, but also equality of access no matter where anyone comes from or what their socio-economic status is.

  • Promoting Equal Access to Education

Having the right education improves lives. It raises people out of poverty and allows them to participate in the modern economy through work. Sadly, so many children in poverty don’t have access to the education they need. This places them at risk of repeating the cycle of poverty for generations to come.

Your Support Really Does Matter

Lifting children out of poverty is not a left or right political issue. It is absolutely integral to creating a better future for everyone. Every donation helps and your support will help to save lives and improve public health, public policy, and access to education.

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