Top 5 Video Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Must Know
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Top 5 Video Marketing Strategies Every Marketer Must Know

If you are inclined to grab your customers’ attention for a longer period, you need to adopt video marketing strategies.

Most are apprehensive about the concept of video marketing due to the novelty of this technique and the inherent costs involved.

However, the impact of sending across information through videos is so powerful and effective that it cannot be ignored.

Video marketing strategy

A good digital marketing company in Pune will recommend some necessary video marketing strategies that every marketer must know and strive to include while designing an effective marketing strategy.

Some of them are listed below:

Not every form of video content suits your business:

Content is not always about including interesting text and high-quality images. There are times when you have to include video content to lend greater impression in a simple format.

With so many ways of presenting video content available in the market, you have to zero in on the option that drives the marketing of your product, and thus, meet your business goals.

To decide on the kind and nature of video content, you must first identify your target audience.

Know where your target audiences are, the social networking platforms they mostly use and the kind of message included in the video.

The length of the message also has a lot to do with the platform on which it would be uploaded and shared.

For example, platforms like Twitter and Facebook include only short videos, which means you cannot post lengthy messages on them. Snap chat and Instagram are useful for streaming of very short videos.

For streaming of full-length videos or those with detailed content, you may consider video streaming sites like YouTube.

In addition, you may also create a list of related video content, on YouTube, that you plan to upload in the near future.

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Budget allocated to video marketing:

Video marketing strategies do not cost much. However, a lot depends on how you create the video content for your business.

While some prefer an in-house video production, there are others who hire professional video creators to get compelling video content created.

While getting video content created in-house adds a personal touch to the content included, it is time-consuming and involves wastage of financial resources.

Hiring a professional, on the other hand, allows saving of both time and money while also lending the video a neat and professional look.

Optimize your video content:

The concept of designing and implementing an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is not limited to website content and blogs alone but extends to video content too.

To extract maximum SEO value of your video marketing strategies, it is always advisable to host your video on your domain.

In addition, video content created or the video descriptions included must always be optimized for search engines like Google.

Video sharing strategy is important:

Where you wish to upload your video or the social networking platforms across which you which to share your video content has a lot to do with the concentration of your target audience on such sites.

While creating an efficient video marketing strategy, it is important that you decide beforehand about the social media sites across which your video content would be shared, the video content channel that would lend you greater exposure at lesser costs and the amount of time it would take to reap the benefits of the video content posted.

Determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

Before creating an effective video marketing strategy, determine the KPIs of the video content planned and created.

Efficient determination of video content KPIs helps evaluate the impact of the marketing approach.

Marketers with the help of KPIs can judge if they must retain or withdraw the video content in accordance with their video marketing strategy.


Including video content as an effective video marketing strategy is now common owing to the ease of disseminating necessary information with more significant impact.

Deemed as one of the most powerful online marketing tools, most companies now allocate an additional budget to create essential and relevant video content as an important SEO strategy.

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