Laser Hair Removal

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Hair Removal with ANSWERS

If you are wishing to go for a Laser Hair Removal but many questions and myths are hitting your mind – then congrats! You’ve come to the right place because here we are exposing each and every fact & figure about Lase Hair Removal. So, sit tight and let the fun begin!

We have encountered numerous customers in our life experience – and, most of the clients do various alike queries frequently. Here, we have listed all of those queries with their most authenticated answers.

So, the following are the most frequently asked queries about Laser Hair Removal.

Will it Hurt me?

Of course – everyone is curios about his health. When it comes to laser hair removalmany clients start their conversation with this intimidating query; “will it hurt me?”. Experts clarify that using laser hair removal devicewill feel a little bit uncomfortablebut not too much. The pain will be roughly bearable nearly like the feel of a small sting. It is also quoted as a rubber band hitting against your skin because of its elasticity. This minor is not long lasting at all, it will last for a milli-second only, and that’s all – it will fade away. Various red spots will appear on your skin where the procedure is taking place. Moreover, you skin will be puffy for a while but by the time you are done, you will leave everything behind – you will take a hairless skin back to your home.

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Is my skin type favorable for this procedure?

Now, laser hair removal devices come with various types which are favorable with any kind of skin. With the passage of time, it has been resulted that laser hair removalis utterly suitable and compatible with any kind of skin. Even people with the thinnest skin can go for this procedure without any hesitation and fear – on the other side, the type V or VI skins are also perfectly suitable and good to go for laser hair removal. But yes, the methodologies and the devices for dealing with various kind of skins are variant. As light-skinned people undergo this procedure with the help of a Diode Laser or Alexandrite.

Does Hair color matter?

Experts like say that hair color matters a lot in this procedure. Different hair colors have different ways to undergo this procedure. While it has been experienced that clients with blonde, light red or gray hair are a bit more difficult to treat. If you have such hair then probably your hair removal device will be using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This kind of laser is quite difficult to deal with. So, kindly confirm that your device and genuine and authorized by the board or not.

How much time is needed?

This question is also one of the most frequently asked questions about this procedure. Well, the time required is variant. It will be depending on the area being treated. It takes only a millisecond to remove a hair follicle. So, if the procedure is happening on your hand then it should take not more than 5-6 mins but if your leg is undergoing the process then it might take more than half an hour.

Well, while calculating the time – we should also mention that it might take 2-3 repetitions to eliminate hair from a single area perfectly. It isn’t like the laser just passed and boom, you’re hairless. You might need to revise the process for 3 or 4 times.

Which body parts are good to remove hair and which aren’t?

The main spot you should maintain a strategic distance fromlaser hair removal is around the eyes-eyebrows, upper cheeks, and sanctuaries should be tweezed or waxed for an amazing remainder on account of the danger of eye harm from the laser. In any case, wherever else gets the green light, Lee says. Eyebrows are the main part of the body and have enormous psychological effects on our body i.e. maintaining the body temperature and controlling the blood pressure.

So, scientists also suggest not to remove your neck hair permanently because they are also very crucial for body metabolisms.

Is using Laser Hair Removal Devices good?

Now, various versatile and well-functioning laser hair removal devices have been introduced in the market. These gadgets are totally well-made for the task they are performing. Various types are for various skin types and hair color. So, you can just now find one for yourself. We suggest you to use these devices instead of going to spa or clinic because they are not pricy and you can use them at you home with confidence as they have no side effects at all.

So, that’s all. We hope that you can find answers from these questions.
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