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Top Movies of Hrithik Roshan You Should Not Skip

No matter you like to dance, you love entertainment or rich acting, Hrithik Roshan aces at everything. You can find a great pinch of everything in his movies. If you love this superstar then you might have watched all his movies, right? But if you haven’t watched them then you should do it now.

In this post, you would come across a few of the most popular, relished and loved movies of Hrithik Roshan. These movies are surely going to double your love for this star and multiply your adoration for his skills. Have a look at these movies below and make sure that you watch them!

Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam

This movie was released in the year 2001 and it was a wonderful hit and made people grow fonder of him.  The movie was not just a commercial hit but it also ruled the hearts.  The movie defines a great blend of family love, emotions, and forgiveness. The movie made huge numbers commercially, both domestically and internationally. Maybe there were other stars too in this movie like Amitabh Bachhan and so on; but he still made his prominent presence felt.

Kaho Na Pyaar Hain

You know Hrithik had come in child roles in various films in the 1980s. if you talk about his first movie, he debuted in the role of the male protagonist. The move was none other than Kaho Na PyaarHain in the year 2000. And for his first movie itself, he got the Filmfare Awards for the Best Actor and the Best Male Debut.  In the movie, he played the role of Rohit. Rohit pursuing the dream, getting shot, the entry of Raj and the overwhelming unfolding of the murder, the tale is to date one of the finest love stories given by Hrithik Roshan. He played a double role in this movie.


This start showcased his versatility by playing the difficult and really challenging role of an international thief in Dhoom 2. Whether Hrithik is performing his stunts or that of doing romancing the heroine, you’ll always be imaginary by his charismatic vibe in the movie. The point is this movie was a huge hit because of this star. He looked so hot and stunning in this movie. He not just aced it with his acting skills but also his body physique.


Ah, it is the series that is mostly a pack of arduous stunts and powerful actions with romance, comedy, thrill and also suspense scattered here and there throughout the films. He has always been the favorite of audiences but these Krrish series actually made him, even more, poplar and adored among kids. He actually won the audiences with his charismatic acting, romantic side and also action and thrill.


Thus, if you also want to experience it all then you should watch these movies of Hrithik Roshan.  Just do Vidmate apk download install and you would get all the movies along with endless options for free. You can pick the formats and resolutions too! The speed is phenomenal that you would not face any buffering too in this video application.

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