Top Principles Which Take Construction Project towards Success

Management is an essential component of Construction projects. From the point of initiation until the closing,the contractor, project manager, as well as the project owner, need to pay attention to details of the project’s activities. The project manager, although, has the most crucial role to play.

Management of a project sounds like a simple term, but the manager needs to keep in check the demands of all stakeholders while planning, scheduling, and budgeting the project. Some principles can help you as a project manager to complete your project with less turbulence and more ease of workflow.

This article aims to introduce you to principles that will help you take your project towards success.

4  Principles to manage a construction project with success 

Construction projects are way too complex to manage easily for the project manager.A project manager needs to spend an adequate amount of time on the planning of the project. A thoroughly planned project will have a lesser probability of conflicts, delays, and disruptions. Furthermore, the following are some principles which will help you save your project from losing the track:

1.      Division of Work

Construction projects involve many teams. All of these teams have a different line of work. Within each team, every individual will have a different specialty and a different level of skill pertaining to the assigned task. It is better to divide the tasks according to the specialty of each worker.

When you keep in mind the interest of each team member and their interest, you will be assigning each worker exactly the work they love to do. Thus, the willingness to do a given activity will be high among the workers. You must distinguish the specialized worker from the general and apply the division of work to both the managerial as well as technical workers.

2.      Authority and Responsibility

For the manager to manage a construction project as per the requirements of the project, the owner must give the manager a due level of authority. When the project manager is the person in charge of assigning work and dealing with all the parties involved in the contract, he will also hold the responsibility for actions resultant from his verdict.

Thus a balance between authority and responsibility is an essential principle for successful construction project management. A project manager will have the authority as well as the responsibility. Thus he/she won’t misuse his/her authority.

3.      Unity of Command

Unity of command is a very simple principle, with its timeless advantage to your project. When there is more than one person in charge of making decisions of prime importance, the teams can have situations of confusion, which may lead to confusion.

When there is one person in control, managing a difficult project gets relatively easier. When one person is calling the shots, the chances of conflicts reduce among the workers.

4.      Unity of Direction

The principle of ‘unity of direction’ has the focus of a group of employees as its point of emphasis. Since all the workers possess a different mindset and their work is different. The end goals arethe same, so when you assign activities to workers, keep them aligned, and ensure their consistency with the main goal of the project.

It implies that the direction of work of all the activities fulfills the main objectives of the project. For this purpose, you need to enlist all the activities to form your plan of action. When you have the list prepared, you, as a manager, are responsible for ensuring that the workers complete the activities not as sole entities but as a contribution to the result.

Ensure the success of the construction project!

While construction work is primarily about the physical effort of laborers, there are other professionals involved, which play a very crucial role in the success or failure of the project. A project manager is one key player in this regard who must follow the important principles of project management for the timely and successful completion of the project.

Another important player in the construction project is the expert witness who is responsible for the analysis of delay claims and seeing through the problems arising and their underlying causes as well as their consequences. Delays occur despite following project management principles. You must thus hire a good delay expert for your project who will help mitigate the impacts of delays and resolve resultant conflicts.

Principled project management can take you a long way, but you must keep a good construction consultancy in the loop beforehand.

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