Wall Murals

Wall Murals Are In Fashion These Days

Paintings on walls have been the latest thing when it comes to interior wall designs. Among them, the latest thing that people are getting excited about is the wall murals.

When it comes to wall painting designs for living room, there are a lot of options available these days in the market. The most excited part is, one can choose some nice and good wall paintings and install them on the walls or they can choose some wall murals and install them on their own to give the living room a complete different look.

If one wants to go for wall murals, then the first thing that they need to do is to create a smooth surface on the walls as it should not have any cracks or unevenness on it. One should get rid of any kind of dirt, grease, wax and oil from the walls and make it clean as a new slate.

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Then one needs to prime the wall because it is very important before any mural is created over it. The primer will help the paint to stick better on the wall more easily. One can either apply the primer directly over the pre existing paint on the wall or one can remove the previous paint and then apply the primer so that the mural can last longer.

Applying some acrylic primer to the wall is a great idea because they help the wall paint or the wall mural to last longer on the wall. Once the primer gets dried, one can do the following options.

  • One can start painting directly to the wall as it is the most convenient option and most people will try to do it.
  • If that is not an option, then one can add some textures to the wall beforehand like applying plasters and bring in some interesting effect on the final wall painting.
  • If one wants to paint on a canvas then they can adhere a nice piece of unstretched canvas on the wall which is almost similar to that of hanging a wall paper by using a adhesive like jade glue.

Now how one should install a mural? Well, in order to get started, one needs to transfer the image on the wall first. Then one will have a very clear sketch of it on the wall and from that one will get an idea that how a mural will look like. Then one has to enlarge the image in the wall either by using the art projector or the grid method. One can also use a pencil to trace the image on the wall. When one gets a pencil outing from it then one can start with the under painting. It can consist of large blocks or colours which one can paint in detail, later. This feels more like painting a canvas.

One can also go for big paintings for living room if they have enough wall space in the room and the room is quite big.

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