Ways To Create and Web Design Synergy
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Ways To Create Instagram And Web Design Synergy

Before you head towards Instagram and try to collaborate it with web design, there are some must-known stats for you.

More than 51% of Instagram users access this platform daily and 35% of them check platform several times. Around 60% users stated to have learnt something new about any new brand, product or service through this visually attractive site.

Moreover, it is highly expected that within this year, round 70% USA companies will use Instagram for marketing, which will definitely leave Twitter behind.

Therefore, the outreach of social media source is now huge, and that’s the reason to flock marketers to Instagram.

The activity level of this platform will be apparent when you will see billions of users uploading 40,000 photos on a daily basis.

The new era:

Ways To Create Instagram
Ways To Create Instagram

You will come acrossnew website, which will have a separate section to display social media buttons as proof of existence.

Therefore, the current website design is constructed to be made adaptable to suit dynamism of social media. Most of the businesses will work on Instagram, giving web designers with the task of creating web design to encourage social interaction.

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So, it is mandatory for them to achieve design synergy between Instagram and company’s website. You might have to work hard to improve followers for instagram as well.

  • Interactive form of web design:

Most impressive aspect of Instagram is ability to interact with users besides presenting engaging content.

The Instagram based interactive feature will get a huge boost by using some automation tools.

These tools will be user’s substitute when they are away from Instagram and keep on with the growing activities.

Web visitors redirected from Instagram would like to have same comfort in browsing website. So, a significant change in web design can make websites interactive to help users enjoy same comfort level.

  • Now for the logos:

It is vital to stay abreast with latest web design trends. So, a makeover in the design seems quite important.

This aspect is in need of more importance while considering that web design will have interactive elements, which will be at par with social media websites. Logo design seems to be the face of online entity and closely elates to brands.

Those logos need to be adjusted and refined to resonate new aesthetics of brand. If needed, the entire design can undergo a complete change.

  • Minimalistic approach:

Optional design elements usability is mark of minimalism.

The website designs should have enough vacant areas by avoiding crowding of some unwanted images and content, which will provide impression of creating design for its sake.

The reality is quite opposite. Here, the design should consider what users want as clutter free designs will allow users to spend quite some time on site without any form of distraction.

Staying in tune:

It is not hard to state that Instagram has redefined the world of web design. Staying in touch with latest social media trends will be your proven way to ensure that website remains attractive to users.

So, following latest Instagram based updates is mandatory.


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