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What Actually Happens During A MRI Scan? Here’s All That You Need To Know

Your doctor has ordered an MRI for you, be it for any reason. Being your first time, you are overwhelmingly scared. Before getting an MRI done, it is important and helpful to know about certain things.

If you are located in a metro city, say Bangalore, you have to search for the best MRI in Bangalore and find out whether they fit your requirements in terms of overall ambiance, budget and most importantly, the quality of services offered because realistically speaking, that is the bottom line you seek.

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First and foremost, you need to have a clear concept of how an MRI machine looks like and what it does. Broadly speaking, it consists of a giant-sized camera that takes a clear image of your internal body. It is shaped like a CCTV camera, with a hollow circular gap or hole- with a bed that can be pushed in and out of the hole. The person taking the MRI scan will lie down on the table and it is pushed inside till the desired image is obtained on the monitor. Also, there is a little elevator that lifts up the bed and puts it in the desired position so that the patient can be put inside the tunnel. Then the camera takes the image, just like you would do with a regular camera. Clicking the picture is a completely painless procedure, the camera does not pan in on you, or spin around you in any manner. All that you will hear is a very loud noise throughout the procedure, but that is also painless as well. You will remain overall in a very comfortable position throughout the MRI scan process.

It is a necessary prerequisite to know what your budget is and act on that. If you are situated in Bangalore- it is important to know the usual MRI scan cost in Bangalore because you don’t want to pay more than the usual rate. Same goes for any other metro city in India- be it Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai or others. If you are elbow-deep in trouble regarding your finances, it is also important to be on the lookout for discounted prices on quality medical services offered in order to make it affordable for yourself as well and reduce the pocket pinch.

The full form of MRI is Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Quite obviously, it uses magnets in the technology- magnets are present as an indispensable component of the MRI Scanning Machine itself. Before the MRI is done, therefore it is important that you temporarily get rid of all kinds of metallic objects from your body containing even a trace of iron- rings, piercings, and pacemakers and also double-check the type of metal in artificial joints, if any, present in your body.

Also, issue a prior warning in case you are afraid of being stuck in a small space (i.e. you suffer from some form of claustrophobia) and whether you are allergic to bright and contrasting lights that you will be subjected to in the machine. Adequate measures can be then taken beforehand so that you remain a bit more comfortable during the procedure.

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