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In many movies you have seen a walkie talkie which works in limited area for free. It connects many people together in a time. But only if you are in it is range. Otherwise it will disconnect you.

Even some function organizers use walkie talkie to tell there workmen how to work and what to work. Even some bouncers use walkie talkies as well to have control what’s going on around them. Even you must have a wish to use a walkie talkie or have a personal walkie talkie that you can use with your friends.


But you do not want to buy it because it is so expensive. So, I am here to give you a walkie talkie for free which you already have in your house. Yeah, I will tell you how you can use your desktop, android, laptop, mac, or iOS as a walkie talkie.

And most importantly it will not have any kind of limited area network. You can connect with your friend all over the world, for free. I am talking about skypes push to talk feature. This is also known as PTT. You have to enable your Push to talk before start using it. I will tell you how you can enable it on every platform you have.

They are used in many places such as 
Ekdantam dental clinic uses SKYPE in the video class

Even it is a pc or mac or android. Before starting let’s talk about some skype and what is push to talk and how it works. So, it gets easy for you to understand it.


You can say that skype is feature setters I mean skype release a feature before every other social media apps. And then other social media apps copy that feature and put it in their own apps. Because first of all skype had the feature to voice call or video call. Then now day every app has this option.

Almost every app. Skype has this feature almost 15 years ago. Now other apps starting to put that feature too. With skype you can call any of your friend who is on skype for free. Voice or video call both. If your friend is not on skype then you can also call him but you have to buy skype credit with the help of skype credit you can call him in cheap amount even he is anywhere in the world.

Plus, it will not show your number your number will change every time you make a call. And voice or video quality depends on your network speed. So that was little bio about skype let’s talk about what is push to talk and how you can use it easily. And when skype released calling feature on that time Facebook was not even in use. I mean Facebook did not exist on that time. People used to use Orkut.


Skype push to talk is like a big walkie talkie with unlimited long range all over the world. With the help of push to talk you do not have to call multiple persons again and again to talk with the help of putt you can connect everyone in one call in a single click.

It works for free and it is working procedure is very easy when you enable it on your android or desktop it will ask you to select a hot key when you select a hot key a toggle mute button will appear on the top of the skype window.

This is sign that your push to talk is enabled now. Just make a call now and mute yourself after the call begins. Now you are all real by keep pressing the hotkey will make your microphone unmute and you will be able to speak and make conversion.

And when you release the hotkey your microphone will gets mute and you will be able to only hear what other says. For example, if you are using pc you select space as your hot key if you keep holding it your microphone will be unmute. And when you release it will mute your mic again.

But still some people found it very hard and difficult to use the way I tell you to use it I hope you understand it properly because I tried to tell you in very easy and simple way. You just need to enable it then it is already. Now you must be wondering how to enable it. You must be thinking to update your skype so you can have this option.


  1. Simply open your skype sign in and click on tool option top of the skype window.
  2. Select option from drop down menu.
  3. Select advanced option from the bottom left side menu.
  4. Click on hot keys. And tap to mark on hotkeys enable.
  5. Now you have list of options.
  6. Now go to bottom last you will see option toggle mute (push to talk)
  7. enable this option to enable your push to talk feature

These steps are not only for windows pc these steps will work on every single platform. Even you are laptop user or mac user or android user. Just follow these steps carefully and you will get your push to talk enabled in few seconds.


Today we talk about push to talk and how to enable it. Told you some best steps and these are 100% working and tested by us. If you still face any trouble leave a comment below and we will get you as soon as possible.

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