What is Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine? Know Everything about this Futuristic Healthcare Service

Telemedicine came up as a unique concept of providing medical aid to patients who stay at isolated locations where proper healthcare facilities are not readily available.

For individuals who are wondering what is telemedicine, it is a method of transmitting medical advice to patients to attend their minor but urgent medical needs through digital media by breaking the geographical barriers.

With the exponential advancement of technology, the procedure of offering telemedicine has seen widespread acceptance over the past few decades. Medical practitioners extensively use it in hospitals, private chambers, and even in homes.

According to statistics as recorded in the year 2018, there are around 7 million active telemedicine users worldwide.

Teleconsultation can be conducted by using internet network connections to build a communication link between the local clinic/dispensaries and hospitals with top doctors and premium healthcare facilities.

Advantages of telemedicine

Teleconsultation that involves virtual interaction has led to re-establish the reason why should doctors consider going digital to ensure better quality service to patients.

Given below are the reasons why telemedicine is a footstep towards advanced healthcare treatment:

  • All-time accessibility – Offering convenient healthcare facilities is the prime reason why patients are becoming increasingly inclined to explore what is telemedicine. It is no more a secret that consultation through this platform enables more accessibility to medical aid for patients who have mobility issues or are not willing to travel far. Switching to telemedicine allows the patients to connect to doctors overcoming the barrier of logistics for emergency medical needs.
  • Cuts down on healthcare expenses – Attending patients through teleconsultation can reduce the healthcare expenses to a great deal. Individuals no longer have to pay doctor consultation fees, bed charge, food bills, and patient service charges that mount up to a substantial figure as expenses.
  • Superior patient service – Telemedicine ensures that each patient is attended without any delay at any time of the day. Apart from providing real-time and remote monitoring, these devices also offer video chat services for patients with concerned healthcare experts.

Software dedicated for telemedicine

This mode of consultation is highly effective for individuals who are in urgent need of consulting a healthcare expert but are unable to overcome the time and distance barriers.

A mobile app like Mhealth is proving to be the next technology frontier in healthcare. It is specially designed to conduct surveillance over the patient’s health through mobile devices.

Apart from this, it has also introduced programs to educate individuals about emergency preventive actions. Another notable app eVisit helps doctors in connecting with patients through video calls and chats.

Physicians can render expert guidance, manage patient’s records efficiently, and share their experience or insight with other professionals through such apps.

Medical practitioners who are intending to explore the platform will require equipment like telemedicine carts, digital cameras, telemedicine kits, and software exclusively designed to render the physician a smooth frontline consultation experience.

Doctors, instead of self-financing, can purchase this equipment easily via financing meant only for such medical professionals.

Reputed financial institutions and NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv offer Loans for Doctors at affordable rates to meet varied financial requirements.

Note that telemedicine is dependent mainly on basics such as internet connectivity and certain equipment as mentioned above.

Any loss of communication or other technical disruption in the middle of a live session can lead to severe results.

With the advancement in technology, different apps like Lybrate, Mhealth, eVisit etc. have effectively simplified the mode of communication between the patients and the doctors.

Healthcare in India is expected to immediately and immensely benefit from the implementation of telemedicine to help reduce costs and offer better services for the common mass.

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