Interior Window Shutters

What Is The Best Style Of Interior Window Shutters?


There are different factors which can decide the look of the home like the color, the materials used, the position of the doors and windows, the interior window shutters, etc. All of them add up to give a vibe, and the room for the children is bound to look different from the room of the adults. You are free to choose what kind of influence and vibe you want your room to reciprocate back.

The other popular styles are a solid panel and shaped shutters. Solid panels shutters are exactly as the name suggests, Solid. They hark back to the traditional styles that were commonly built into casement windows in Georgian architecture though have since been adapted to suit any window type. Shaped shutters are designed to fit the most intricate of window designs from arches to triangles and everything in-between.

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Let us see the different types of interior shutters and make it easier for you to choose.

1) Full Height Shutters

These shutters cover the entire length of the window. If you have windows which are not very tall, you can safely pursue this option. These types of shutters are designed exactly like the window, and the panels are matched with the pane so that there is maximum light coming inside the room. Depending upon what kind of style you want, you can choose the configuration of the panel.

2) Tier on Tier Shutters

The shutters almost cover the entire window, but the top of the shutter is independent of the bottom of the shutter. They behave as stable doors do. They are flexible, and you can control them according to your purpose. You can open the upper part and keep the lower part closed, according to your choice. It is a better option if you are looking for privacy as well as light.

3) Cafe Style Shutters

Have you seen the shutters used on the tall windows which almost cover the entire length of the wall? Those are usually the cafe style shutters. Only the bottom half of the window is covered by the shutter, and the rest of the window is exposed. The covered bottom half checks in the privacy and you get a lot of light due to the exposed upper part.

4) Solid Panel Shutters

The shutters are made of solid materials which cover the entire window. If you want a lot of security, noise insulation in your room, this s the best option to go for.

The shuttersstyle has been on a trend for quite some time now. You can create many versatile designs of the wood shutter, and they do bring a lot of change in how the room looks. You can go for the traditional ones and then add a bit of the cafe style shutters, and they add up to give some other vibe like the custom shutters. The shutters like solid panels look great as well.

5) Special Shape Shutters

These shutters are custom-made depending upon your choice. They fit perfectly in the interior of your window, and you can ask the manufacturers to design in a particular style and shape. It is an efficient design to go for if you are looking for stylish solutions.

We have discussed the different types of interior shutters which can be used to make your house look more stylish. Depending upon which vibe you want to present, you can choose the one.


Who doesn’t want their home to be beautiful! But, the real question is how many can decorate it and make it look gorgeous? A few among them!

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