Big Data and Hadoop

Why a Career in Big Data and Hadoop Makes Sense

Big Data Hadoop is a raging trend in Mobile, Desktop and Business Intelligence industry. It is everywhere and spilling onto other business verticals such as Marketing, Sales, Finance and Human Resources. Unlike in 2000s or early 2010s when IT engineers would largely be dealing with Data Warehousing and Infrastructure Management, today they deal with Big Data Management and Risk Analytics! So, what has brought such a massive change to Enterprise Data Management Systems?

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99% of the CIOs would say – it’s Automation and Data Management. The 1% who say anything else – are either disconnected from the reality or have too much pressure of delivering on results.

Here are few reasons why you should invest for Big Data Hadoop certification and fulfill your aspirations in the Big Data IT industry.

Embracing Thrilling Technology that Deliver

We all know how technologies evolve with time. But in Data Industry where everything is virtual, you have to be truly daring to jump into the ecosystem. With the coming of age of Big Data technologies and programming languages, you have a chance to be on top of the most advanced tools and techniques that are currently in use. For example, Robotic Process Automation (R P A), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Voice Search, Risk and Fraud Analytics, Hybrid Cloud, Quantum Computing, Social Media Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Data Visualization, Analytics and so on!

Working with the Best Companies and Managers

The top paying jobs in the business world now come from Data industry. Coolest job titles such as Data Scientist. Big Data Engineer, Social Media Engineer, and so on are all experts in Big Data and Hadoop applications. If you are learning this course, you start with the right step toward working with some of the leading names in the industry such as Cloudinary, Hotonworks, Cloudera, Salesforce, Facebook, SAS Analytics, IBM Watson and so on.

Never Go Out of Favor

Yes, that’s the power of Data. Once you know what data does to business and society, nobody would dare to question your choice in career. From doctors to lawyer to Civil Engineers, they are all eyeing Big Data course to understand how this can change their prevalent knowledge base.

You will never sit idle or without a job with Big Data skills.

Teach in Schools and Colleges

There is a huge demand for teachers and professors who can explain how data works to school children, college goers and and working professionals. While there are professional courses available for graduates, there is a dearth of talent in schools. Wouldn’t you like to go for it!

The 99% of the CIOs who say Big Data is the key to Digital Transformation for Enterprise Architecture Management are the ones who are looking for talented IT professionals who can deliver on promising opportunities in Big Data Hadoop. This can change the society we are living in.

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