Why Be an Influencer, When You Can Build Influencer Marketing Agency And Be A Boss!

With how big the internet is today we have seen how it is not just a source of information and entertainment anymore. With web growing it has become a source of income of millions of people and with it growing the craze for social media has risen to the next level. An astonishment to our expectation is that there are 3.6 billion social media users currently and this number is constantly increasing. Social media which formerly was just a medium of communication and connection now is the medium of income of millions of people.

But the question that comes up is, how? How do people earn money on something called social media and that too decent amount? And, essentially what happens is people on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, twitter, Pinterest etc. with thousands or millions of followers endorsing brands or goods on their posts charge a decent amount of money for that. Such people are called influencers or social media influencers.

Anything that’s too big needs a manager too. So, there is Influencer Marketing Agency to handle the marketing campaigns, select influencers for particular campaigns, etc. This entire process of social media marketing works in a chain where marketing agencies act as the junction between brands and influencers.

Work of Influencer Marketing Agencies:

Brands contact these companies to market their goods. Then the key objective of these companies is to identify the appropriate influencers for the relevant tasks and also to decide the medium on which the campaign is going to be carried out. They also have to plan the campaign for every other promotion and thus charge for it in return. These agencies generally work with freelancers so as to reach the maximum audience.

Gone are the days when Instagram or Pinterest were just niche social media platforms to post random selfies and text each other asking what’s up. Currently, the net value of both platforms is approximately US$ 10 million.

Let’s Pin a Point at Pinterest:

Pinterest simply means pin your interest. That’s why Pinterest is totally different from other social media sites because here you can pin anything on your pinboard on your account. The type of content and brands you get here are far away to get on Instagram that is also why is richly famous among youth today.

A Pinterest Influencer:

The Pinterest influencers or a pin influencer is someone on Pinterest with a business account who endorses different brands over there. From local to international you can find everything here.

Why Pinterest Influencers?

  • Create Specialized Content: With no limit on creativity pin, influencers create all sorts of content like DIYs, recipe videos and also tell people how to use a specific product.
  • Trustworthy Content: Almost every type of content pin influencers post is reliable and trustworthy which actually leads to gain the interest of the audience and thus increases organic traffic.

Pinterest may not be the first choice of many but it’s definitely a popular one. This is the right time to do something you actually love and finding a carrier on social media is a popular choice of many.

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