Why FUT Is The Famous One Than The FUE Procedure

The hairs for the men will always lose in rapid and also even for the teenagers they will find heavy hair loss. Are you worried about the bald head? Are you feeling shy to go out? Then the procedure called hair transplant in jalandhar will be the helpful one for the people. The people will find this procedure to be the best one for getting back the natural hair that is grown. Even some of the people are keeping the wigs and other things to cover the baldness this will be sometimes disturbing. So to avoid this kind of difficulty it is better to prefer the hair transplant technique.

What is the FUT technique?

In the hair transplant procedure, one of the main techniques that are followed by most of the doctors is the follicular unit transplantation. This technique will help the doctors to shift the huge strip of the hair follicles from the backside of the head. The reasons why doctors prefer this surface is that most of the men and women will have less hair fall problem in this area. Suppose if the patient is fully bald then they will find the hairs from the other areas like tummy, chest, legs, hands, private parts, etc. The doctors will check the condition and the texture of the hair first then only they will make the hair transplant.

This will be painless as the patients will be given general anesthesia and so under the sedation, they will never find any problem. The hairs will have the chance to grow again after the transplantation is made. This will be useful for them to grow back the lost hair and look younger. In the first days after the surgery, the hair will fall mostly and so the patients no need to be panic. They will find the hair growth after that too in the high density. This will be much simple for the people to enjoy by combing, styling or coloring as per their wish.

Who can undergo this treatment?

The people who are having the hair problem can undergo this hair transplant in Jalandhar but they should be healthy. The age of the person who is going to undergo the technique will not be less than eighteen years. It is also necessary for the patients to avoid smoking and drinking habits before one month of the surgery. This surgery will be effective only if they follow the instructions given by the doctors. After the surgery also they should have to avoid the direct sunlight contact in the head.

Also, patients should have to avoid strenuous activities. The cost of this procedure will be less compared to the fue one. The fue is the advanced one as this will help the patients to gain the individual hair follicles from the back head, thighs, legs, arms, chest, etc. If you are the person searching for the advanced technique and also need to cover only the patchy part in the head then this surgery will be the most recommended one.

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