Jewelry Lovers Love Silver

Why Jewelry Lovers Love Silver

If you like wearing jewelry but want a metal that accommodates both casual and formal styles, you should review the selections of silver jewelry. This favored metal, when refined, is made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys. In this case, other metals mainly consist of copper.

Misconceptions About Sterling Silver

Many people in Thailand have misconceptions about silver. For example, some people believe that sterling silver is only used for making earrings while others believe that silver is a cheaper way to display pieces that replicate white gold. Both of these assumptions are wrong. Instead, modern jewelry designers like using silver as they can create both trendy and classic looks. Plus, silver is more malleable and therefore easier to craft.

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That is why a Thailand silver wholesale jewelry manufacturer is good to know if you want to sell the jewelry or add to your jewelry collection at home. Whether you want to wear the jewelry every day or convey a timeless expression, you can find just the right piece of sterling jewelry.

A Popular Jewelry Metal

Once you familiarize yourself with sterling silver, you will know why jewelry made of this metal is in high demand. The durability of silver is impressive. When you take care of silver properly, it will last a lifetime. A sterling silver piece of jewelry can look the same even after four decades. Some pieces end up being cherished family heirlooms in Thailand. Make sure that you receive the best-quality jewelry by ordering from a reputable, established jeweler.

Also, when you buy fine sterling silver, look for the 925 sterling silver stamp. Knowing some of the nuances that go along with owning silver jewelry will make it easier to make the right buying decisions. When you buy sterling silver jewelry from a wholesale site, you can either choose to buy in volume if you are a retailer or simply buy jewelry for yourself at a lower price.

Sign up First Before Placing an Order

When you visit this type of niche site, you will need to sign up first so you can view the order screen and place your jewelry order. If you are interested in getting an order quickly, you should choose express shipping. Doing so will enable you to receive your order in about four working days at the most. If you wish to save on the shipping cost, choose standard shipping. Selecting this method will entail waiting from 5 to 15 days.

After you visit a jewelry site that provides wholesale pricing, you will want to check the guarantee. Make sure that you are ordering from a business that offers a product guarantee. That way, you can be assured that the silver jewelry you are ordering is of premium quality in Thailand.

You can always return the jewelry for a full refund if you are not happy with the quality of the jewelry or you had a bad purchasing experience. While this usually does not happen, it is good to know that you can return what you have bought if required.

If the jewelry you order is out of stock, you normally have to wait about four weeks before you can order it. Ask the company to email you when they have replenished their stock.

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