Worried about Phone Repairs? Invest in Phone Protection Plans

A mobile phone is a fundamental part of daily life. According to recent reports, the number of mobile phone users in India is 800 million. From this statistic, it can be assumed that using a mobile phone has turned into a necessity, even more so after the digitization drive.

With the growing demand for latest technology smartphones, the report of damaging the mobile screen is also increasing. Sporting high tech but delicate mobile screens, it is important to avail a mobile protection plan for the necessary financial coverage of repairs in case of damages.

Ways to protect mobile phone screen

There are a few ways through which one can protect the cell phone display screen. Shielding it with a thick layer of protection glass is commonplace, most smartphone manufacturers nowadays add such a protective by default for mid to high range devices. Through this, your mobile phone display will remain protected against scratches and maybe against the occasional slip from your hands to the floor.

However, a more than generous melee on the smartphone screen will lead to damages. There are numerous instances where such damage can happen all but to easily.

Here is the need to have a mobile insurance plan in place to financially protect against the damage. Top insurance policies provide ample financial coverage to help you make the necessary repairs or opt for a replacement without hassle.

Features and benefits of a mobile protection plan

  • High sum coverage

Individuals can consider purchasing the Mobile Screen Insurance Policy offered by Bajaj Finserv under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions. This insurance plan can provide financial coverage up to Rs. 10,000 at a nominal premium of Rs. 499 for repairs to the device’s screen.

  • Covering financial loss due to fire

If the display screen of your smartphone is damaged due to fire, the mobile insurance policy can provide financial coverage for the repairs. Your mobile phone charger also might get damaged in the same instance. As such, a mobile charger insurance policy in place can help you in the same way as a mobile insurance plan, for financial coverage of the required repairs.

  • Covering financial loss due to any natural calamity

Your smartphone might get damaged due to a natural disaster like cyclone, flood, earthquake, etc. In such cases, a mobile protection plan can help you can with the expenses of restoring your mobile phone screen display. Due to any natural disaster, one might also lose a power bank. With a small gadgets insurance policy in place, you can benefit from substantial financial coverage to purchase a replacement power bank.

  • Coverage against robbery

If your smartphone is damaged due to burglary or robbery or a similar incident at your insured premises, a mobile protection plan can help you recover the cost of repairs.

It is easily advisable to purchase a mobile protection plan and avoid the financial losses of repairing the device. Make sure to read the terms of coverage of the insurance plan before availing. Note that a typical mobile protection plan may not provide coverage for damages to a certain component of the device. As such, availing a mobile screen insurance plan can be a smart choice.

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